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Synonyms for olfaction

the sense by which odors are perceived

Synonyms for olfaction

the faculty that enables us to distinguish scents

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So even though parents can recognize their preadolescent children by olfaction, children have a less 'pungent' body odor compared with adults," the researchers explained, adding that children also produce sweat at a lower rate than adults do.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Neurobiologists announced that they have created mice that can "smell" light to provide a potent new tool that could help researchers better understand the neural basis of olfaction.
Beginning with the smell of death and ending with a vision of symbiotic fragrance and the rise of meta-humanity, Barbara and Perliss report on attempts to capture the invisible dimension of olfaction to imbue the experience of place with greater meaning.
Since the early 1980s, scientists have used mammalian olfaction as a model to develop chemical-sensing systems.
Olfaction (chemical-sensing) is essential in the life cycle of some fish in feeding, defense, and cohabitation with like fish.
Mice have many senses other than vision, and their senses are far better than ours, especially olfaction, which can detect pollen, the smell of rain, and other seasonal fragrances.
This allows some species to eat while keeping their olfaction free for detecting predators.
A group of fragrance experts gathered in New York last month to discuss the future of scent communication and the impact computer generated smells could have on the future of olfaction.
Objective : Taste and olfaction share the same function: detect chemicals in the external world or in food.
Denise Chen, who studies human olfaction at Rice University in Houston, Texas, said that to explore whether tears evoked by different emotions have different effects, the researchers should also perform experiments in which they elicit happy weeping, or neutral tears caused by allergens or irritants such as onions.
Comprehensive, succinct, and organized for study and review, this reference covers basic principles; the ear, hearing, and balance; the nose, olfaction, and the sinuses; the larynx, voice, and the neck; the oral cavity, taste, and the glands of the neck; and facial plastics.
Bird olfaction might prove the key to the tricky problem of repelling avian pests, such as starlings that raid animal feed on farms.
Effect of terfenadine and budesonide on nasal symptoms, olfaction, and nasal airway patency following allergen challenge.
Colfax International today announced that the company has configured and installed a fully-customized, GPU-based high-performance system for Evolved Machines that will accelerate the development of artificial neural circuits for a new generation of devices in artificial olfaction and vision.
The results will help gain insight into the molecular mechanisms of olfaction.