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single- or multi-color lithography

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Oleograph of interior with children * Oleograph of the Angelus by Millet
They derided Varma's and the Calcutta Art Studio's oleographs as kitsch reproductions, in part owing to the loss of the images' cult status.
The Surabhi stage, then, brings to mind, several evocations: a popular oleograph, for instance; or the considered staging of Ravi Varma; or the vigour of the Kuchipudi performance.
Baroda based artist Rekha Rodwittiya, whose feminist spirit rings clear in her works, pays a tribute to modern- day oleographs and the female figure sans its hyper- sexual representation in art.
We see a lot of work that are prints made to look like oil paintings – they're called oleographs.
Ravi Varma, the 19th-century artist-publisher from Kerala, had already set the standard of "realistic representation" of Indian women through his oleographs of model-oriented Hindu deities, which actually became the basis for this blending of religion and commerce.
Mukherjee explains: "These oleographs performed the important function of further 'refining' popular taste and producing newer orders of religious and social iconography that paved the way for a new kind of popular art, the kind which we can now see in film posters, hoardings and calendars of the twentieth century" (119).
My involvement with Northumbria in Bloom and Slaley village agricultural show takes some time and I have a small mail-order business, selling oleographs.
Examples cited span Mughal court art to Raja Ravi Varma's oleographs.