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any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon

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In this work, we introduce a new family of olefinic coagents based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes POSS (ref.
The 1H-NMR spectrum further displayed signal due to an olefinic methine at I'H 5.41 (1H, d, J = 5.4 Hz, H-6), whereas, resonances of several oxymethines were observed at I'H 4.59 (1H, m), 3.95 (1H, m), 3.55 (1H, d, J = 3.3 Hz), 3.68 (1H, dd, J = 9.3, 3.4 Hz), 3.44 (1H, t, J = 9.3 Hz), 3.42 (1H, m), 3.86 (1H, J = 3.4 Hz), 3.62 (1H, dd, J = 9.6, 3.3 Hz), 3.35 (1H, t, J = 9.6 Hz) and 4.15 (1H, m).
More peaks than expected are present probably due to the existence of olefinic substituents.
Olefinic carbons (HC=CH) were observed between 719 [cm.sup.-1] and 721[cm.sup.-1].
All the new derivatives also revealed a singlet between 8.14 and 7.71 ppm for a single olefinic proton consistent with the formation of a single isomer E or Z.
Butylene (C4H8): An olefinic hydrocarbon recovered from refinery or petrochemical processes, which is gaseous at standard temperature and pressure.
In automotive, Surface Analyst is used to ensure quality and consistency of paint adhesion on injection molded instrument panels, bumper fascia, fenders, and other parts made from TPOs or other impact-modified olefinic compounds.
Olefinic nature of the core of the produced nanoparticle enables it to carry significant amount of the hydrophobic drug, and it causes the release to take place in a longer period.
They discovered that combining the hydrogen-poor olefinic light gases that were a side product of catalytic cracking with isobutane in an alkylation reaction resulted in very high-octane (close to 100) gasoline blendstocks.
The olefinic double bond of 1 is activated by the Ketone group therefore the [beta]-carbon atom will accepted nucleophiles.
The [sup.13]C presented in Fig 3 further confirms the structure of HEABOA by the presence of the signals at [delta] 26-33ppm (various - C[H.sub.2]), 50-52ppm (C[H.sub.2]CO), 66.2ppm (-C[H.sub.2]N-), 128-130ppm (olefinic protons of fatty amide)
and TAKENATE?), ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer (Mitsui EPT) and thermoplastic olefinic elastomer (MILASTOMER?) used as a gasket material and so on.
and [sup.1.H-NMR spectrum exhibited the presence of eight olefinic protons, one methyl doublet signals, two anomeric proton signals ([delta]HI' 4.39 and [delta]HI" 5.20) confirmed by two anomeric carbons ([delta]CI' 103.20 and [delta]CI" 102.03) indicating that the compound contains two sugar moieties (glucose and rhamnose).
Effect of Ageing: BP 102 showed a significant power drop of 3-4 per cent after it had been in the tank for a little over a week, which can be attributed to olefinic breakdown