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any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon

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-Lestari Unggul Jaya, PT Cocoa plantation -Moritas Agrobis, PT Pineapple plantation -Naga Manis Plantation, PT Sugar & sugar cane processing Industry : -Arjuna Perdana Mahkota Plywood, PT Plywood industry -Astra Internasional Tbk, PT Automotive industry -Aya Timber, PT Sawmill industry -Barito Industry, PT Chemical industry -Barito Pacific International, PT Holding company industry -Barito Pacific Timber Tbk, PT Plywood industry -Chandra Asri Petrochemical Centre, PT Olefine industry -Enim Musi Lestari, PT Pulp & paper industry -Tri Polyta Indonesia Tbk, PT Polypropylene industry Forestry : -Anangga Pundinusa, PT Ind.
The presence of only one olefinic proton in 1H-NMR indicated the substitution at olefine centre in 7 and appearance of two [M+H] signals at 303.0432 and 301.0452 amu (1:1) confirmed the presence of Br in enone 19.
In addition to gasoline and diesel fuel for both domestic and overseas markets, the refinery also supplies naphtha to olefine and aromatic plants for producing an extensive range of downstream petrochemical materials.
ABBREVIATIONS BPEF 9, 9-bis(4-(2-hydroxyethoxy)phenyl)fluorene COP cyclic olefine copolymer DMA dynamic mechanical analysis DSC differential scanning calorimetry FBP fluorene-based polyester IPDI isophorone diisocyanate PC polycarbonate PEN polyethylene naphtalate PET polyethylene terephthalate RH relative humidity TMP trimethylolpropane TMA thermomechanical analysis XRD X-ray diffraction REFERENCES
The presence of unsaturations in its repeating units makes the polymer able to be chemically modified as a common olefine. The modifications may be without insertion of atoms such as reticulation reactions or with insertion of atoms such as grafting reactions.
This assumption is based on established evidence that aliphatic and aromatic esters containing a [gamma]-hydrogen atom decompose photochemically by an intramolecular rearrangement into an olefine and the corresponding acid.
Workers strike over promotion for German WILTON ICI confirmed that some riggers had walked out on strike at the Olefine Works.
In the pickled baby ginger, there were 58 volatile compounds, whose mass concentrations add up to 931.8 mg/kg, belonging to different chemical classes: olefines (32), esters (11), alcohols (8), aldehydes (3), ketones (3), and furan (1).
DUBAI, Nov 18 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Petrochemicals Industries (PIC) is steps away from acquiring 45 percent of ONGC Petra Additions limited's (OPaL) olefines plant in India, the state-owned company's CEO Asaad Al-Saad said Wednesday.
The percentage content of various hydrocarbons in petrol Petrol Hydrocarbon 90 98 Paraffins 14/27 1/20 Naphtenes 10/11 1/4 Aromatics 4/25 0.8/4 Olefines 3/14 1/3.5 Table 2.
Mrs May said: "He worked in the chemical industry at Billingham and worked his way up to be a manager at the Olefines plant at Wilton, retiring aged 59 in 1991.