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any of several shrubs of the genus Elaeagnus having silver-white twigs and yellow flowers followed by olivelike fruits

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He was then taken a short distance to the Oleaster unit where CCTV showed that he still had something covering his face, the court heard.
The following item stands for love and is called "Senjed", fruit of the oleaster or lotus tree.
oleaster leaves in hypercholesterolemic insulinresistant sand rats.
Beth bynnag am y chwedlau, mi wyddom fod y goeden olewydd wedi'i phlannu ac yn cael ei thyfu gan bobl Oes y Cerrig, ac mae Olea europea yn ddisgynnydd i'r oleaster, sef coeden olewydd sy'n tyfu'n wyllt, ac sy'n werthfawr iawn i'r diwydiant gwneud persawr.
That was when the wild olive, or oleaster, with its scrubby looks and hard, inedible berries, was first tamed and coaxed into service.
The vegetation in the lower elevation (below 800 m) and the sunny aspects (the southern range of the mountainous mass) represents a Eu-Mediterranean community dominated by Pinus brutia with associated species such as Olea oleaster, Quercus ilex, Quercus coccifera, Pistacia terebinthus, Paliurus spina-christi, Spartium junceum, Cistus cretaegus, Strax officinalis in Buldan district.
A parte aquilonis per ilia limba inter larzana per illo peso usque in ilia arka quomodo sparte per valle de kavallos usque in illo monte et dividet cum marmeleira per illo kasal de Olpinos et perge ad ilia strada que discurre iuxta Oleaster et perge per ilia strada usque in illo ribulo et perge per illo ribulo usque retortas et conclude ab illo liniolo.
oleaster, plantas catalogadas como raras en el Catalogo Vasco de Especies Amenazadas (Uribe-Echebarria & Campos, 2006).
Mutz 2000: 179-184): nouns like oleaster 'wild olive tree' (from olea 'olive tree') or filiaster 'stepson' (from filius 'son') originally simply referred to something similar to an olive tree or somebody similar to a son, while the pejorative connotation of -aster seems to have arisen as a consequence of the negative opinions current among Romans with respect to wild olive trees and stepsons.
Molecular characterization of some selected wild olive (Olea oleaster L.
The Barberry and nearby Oleaster units are run by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation.
In the same way, this bird rejects many small oleaster nuclei (Olea europea oleaster), big olive pits (Olea europea europea) and Palmaceae seeds such as Washingtonia filifera and Washingtonia robusta.
Earlier this year, Richard Clarke, from the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, showed the Post around the Birmingham 'place of safety' which opened in 2010 at Edgbaston's Oleaster Centre near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
En plantulas de Olea oleaster, un estres hidrico fuerte produjo cambios anatomicos en la raiz la cual desarrollo paredes celulares muy suberizadas y como tal disminuyo considerablemente su conductividad hidraulica (Lo Gullo et al.