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Synonyms for olden

belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

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long past

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I bought a couple--one a gorgeous duke of the olden time, and the other a comely blue-eyed damsel, a princess, maybe.
So let us turn to another story that was sung of, in the ballads of olden time, and find out how Little John entered the Sheriff's service.
The whole country through which he passed bore evidence of volcanic convulsions and conflagrations in the olden time.
I felt an irresistible curiosity to see those islands which the olden voyagers had so glowingly described.
All of them were your persecutors in the olden times.
In some booths there was dancing to merry music, in others flowed ale and beer, and in others yet again sweet cakes and barley sugar were sold; and sport was going outside the booths also, where some minstrel sang ballads of the olden time, playing a second upon the harp, or where the wrestlers struggled with one another within the sawdust ring, but the people gathered most of all around a raised platform where stout fellows played at quarterstaff.
What dead and buried remembrances had I brought to life in him, in all their olden horror?
Sam Olden is the Yazoo City native made famous through Richard Grant's Dispatches from Pluto.
People in olden days did it with no doctors or anything but child mortality rates were through the roof.
Matthew Edward Bray, 20, was yesterday sentenced to three years after mounting the pavement to hit schoolboy Lochlan Olden, who was walking home with his older sister and friends.
CardiAaAaAeA~o, chi of PPO Intelligence Branch (S-2), said the meeting focused on the suspects, particularly the gunman, and the motive of the Olden attack as there is no suspect arrested yet.
Olden presents students, academics, researchers, policymakers, and healthcare management professionals with the second edition of his introduction to the management of various types of healthcare organizations.
Modern latest buildings as well olden, historical building making the port city a unique bouquet of past and present.
This informative title uses compare-and-contrast text structure, artwork and photographs to examine the different types of foods we eat and how they were produced from the olden days to the present.
21 Carrying North Olden Avenue Extension Over West Branch Of Shabakunk Creek Located In Ewing Township, Mercer County