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Synonyms for old-timer

one who has had long experience in a given activity or capacity

Synonyms for old-timer

an experienced person who has been through many battles

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The Yankees blame Muammar for everything," the old-timer says, his voice filled with admiration.
Members of the Antelope Valley Old-Timers Association will hold the annual kickoff dinner Wednesday at the Lancaster Elks Lodge, 240 E.
The authors are a pair of Toronto old-timers who purchased their first handbooks hall a century ago.
Remember how the old-timers used to talk about the immortal shooting skills of their ancient heroes:
None of us miss this Old-timers Game because it's always a kick playing with the old gloves and bats that take you back to the beginning of baseball," says 44-year-old Jeff Falgien, owner of Keyboard Concepts in Van Nuys.
Overall, however, for the contemplative listener who enjoys good writing about nature and the interesting people, especially the old-timers, who inhabit this area, it is a nice experience.
The hometown crowd is a friendly blend of Delaware old-timers and GLBT retirees--or wannabe retirees like me who have decided to spend their waning working years dialing back careers and doing something rewarding in a place they love.
Assuming that the age of the dimmest, oldest stars would give a minimum age for the universe, astronomers including Harvey Richer of the University of British Columbia and his colleagues set out to find some of these old-timers (SN: 9/2/95, p.
The intensity of each day's run and the length of the season are not very predictable, although weather forecasters, old-timers, and university Extension agents claim to know (and seldom are right).
Focusing on the longtime prejudices and stereotypes of those performers by the industry's promoters, Shabazz's book serves as a comprehensive index of black wrestlers ranging from such old-timers as Burrhead Jones to current stars such as Booker T.
Jones, who found new success with his cover versions album Reload in 1999, is on the short list for best British male in a field which includes other pop old-timers like David Bowie, Sting and Van Morrison.
Each week Movement Research presents the work of two or three artists, newcomers and old-timers, in the church's large sanctuary.
The old-timers used the term oversold to highlight potential long-term buying opportunities in the markets that investors needed to pay attention to.
LANCASTER -- When September leaves start to fall, Antelope Valley old-timers turn their thoughts to the annual Old Timers Deep Pit Barbecue and memories of how it used to be.
Instead she has a few conversations with old-timers in the area who remember them and provide an anecdote or two, then she finally goes to a show of their work.