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Synonyms for old-timer

one who has had long experience in a given activity or capacity

Synonyms for old-timer

an experienced person who has been through many battles

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"Those old-timers put work into their stands," I thought aloud.
On October 18, 1999, the trial judge granted summary judgment to MLB, Major League Baseball Properties, and Phoenix Communications Group against the old-timers.
The old-timer smiles, and says, "Nobody can do a flash flood, Fidel." Then he nearly snaps to attention.
It was well deserved because Jones, who also directs the film, is at his ill-tempered best as Pete Perkins, an old-timer whose brains have been fried in the Texan sun.
This reminds an old-timer we know of the time Charles Percy, after his daughter's murder, won a surprise victory in his first senate race.
In 66, a fifties teen piece with a comic-strip blow-up (by Santo Loquasto) of the famous highway, an old-timer hobbles among the kids; then, in a comic vignette Charles Weidman would have liked, tosses away his cane and becomes a soft-shoe dancing youth.
Clam chowder was available, but for us, cups of French onion soup came first, very tastefully prepared with a sherry flavor that one old-timer remarked "pops right up" in a good way.
VERDICT Bahamian Pirate ran Reverence to a length and three-quarters on his reappearance last season and I don't think David Nicholls will leave him too far short for this, as it's a valuable prize for this time of year and, at the age of 12, his old-timer won't have too many wins left in the locker.
I AM a 60-plus old-timer who seems to have been left so far behind in modern-day thinking that I have lost the plot.
Ryan, 34, latched on to fellow old-timer Steve Guppy's cross to head in the winner with less than two minutes left on the clock.
OLD-TIMER: A 1951 Studebaker, manufactured in the United States of America, on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.
Breaking the record held by another old-timer, Pioneer 10, the 20-year-old Voyager 1 is now more than 10.4 billion kilometers from Earth.
I'd be surprised if Eric Wheeler's old-timer can keep his match-bet rival at bay in the closing stages.
Punters on Betfair were backing Gary Moore's old-timer at 1.3 up the home straight at Fontwell, and judging by the way he was travelling (a more reliable horse would have been 1.1) they were on a good thing at one point.
If you're an old-timer like Tony it may be hard to convert - but stick with it and you'll become part of the trendy new generation.