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adhering to conservative or reactionary principles


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Those who want the reassurance of an old-line quality name will pay the higher price for the Smith & Wesson."
For example, what does the phrase "old-line blacks" mean in the following quotation?
Creativity is not often associated with industry segments considered "stodgy" by distant observers, but old-line companies are increasingly showing their ability to innovate.
And neocons, as they are frequently labeled, have always stood at odds with the core principles of old-line American conservatives.
Although the 19905 brought many economic and technological blessings, Johnson, a former Washington Post reporter who teaches journalism at the University of Maryland, detects "ill-defined currents of discontent; a sense that something is missing." It quickly becomes clear that he yearns for the old order of an assertive federal government that enjoys popular faith, a traditional media structure in which New York and Washington editors control the information flow, and a big-unit economy in which old-line firms make old-fashioned things under the watchful eye of the Justice Department's Antitrust Division.
In contrast to the old-line It Girl's by now remarkably durable fifteen minutes, Sedgwick senior's star signaled weakly against the backdrop of his times.
Among the many topics the book treats are why religious groups grow or decline, the sources and consequences of the loss of cultural power and authority that America's old-line Protestant denominations once wielded, the increasing individuation of religious choice, and the extent to which Christian Right "family values" ideology exerted an independent effect on presidential voting from 1980 to 1996.
The old-line (founded 1929) builder of spindles, toolroom surface grinders, and, more recently, internal grinders, Parker-Majestic, Inc., has been acquired and moved from Detroit to a 23,000-sq.-ft.
While the rest of the old-line civil rights leaders remained silent about Vietnam, King demanded that the nation live up to the rest of its principles.
Despite a strong economy, investors are concerned with the possibility of inflation, which hurts old-line industrial companies.
Are dot-com boards following GAGP -- generally accepted governance principles -- that have been hammered out (under a certain amount of duress) over the past two decades for their "old-line" counterparts?
He fought a pattern of damaging leaks about the negotiations he believes were generated from inside Britain's Northern Ireland Office, which administers the province and included a number of old-line types who simply did not want the process to succeed.
Mr Campbell, descendant of an old-line white Virginia family, recalled Richmond's trauma at being burned by retreating Confederates.
Apparently, in old-line military circles yellow generals did not rank as high in the scale of virtue as Nordic white ones."
apart from many other old-line steel foundries operating in the U.S.