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John Motson predictably gave the first old-hat comment, when he announced that the Africans had long been tactically naive, but perhaps this would be the year when one of them were to shine.
* Direct mail is old-hat. Get their attention on-line by directing them to listings on your web site;
Oddly, both sides claim, with some justification, the rubric "New": equity feminists seeking to reclaim the movement from the radical fringe, as in a recent Boston Globe story ("New Breed of Feminist Challenges Old Guard," May 29, 1994); and radicals, who see the Enlightenment principles that informed the original struggle as just more old-hat patriarchalism, the dangerous doctrine of individuality.
Producers--a breed notoriously easy to bore--are less interested in such old-hat stand-bys as rising and falling action than in immediate gratification.
Though AIDS may seem old-hat to some, it's good to be reminded that it remains a hot-button topic, and not just among so-called developing nations.
FOLLOWING on from David Hydrate's letter in Tuesday's Daily Post, entitled Done in bad taste, I thought Jimmy Tarbuck was a disgrace, his old-hat humour is not what this city needs.