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the property of being no longer fashionable

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With the return of the rolls of cotton wrap, Vicky detects the disintegration of what she stood for, the entrenched conservatism represented by her continued admiration for her father (whose portrait hangs in her office) who fought the 'Indians' for the territory on which the clinic stands and her desire to preserve the status quo, represented by the studied old-fashionedness of her room and the dark wig she does not want to be seen without.
In recent years, during the revival of Islam, children of unobservant parents found a range of attractions in Islam -- morality, discipline, even plain old-fashionedness. The younger generation rediscovers Islam as the religion of its heritage and takes it up with various degrees of strictness.
The case for Wither's originality is not entirely convincing, and Rosemary Freeman's remark about Wither's old-fashionedness still stands.
(39.) "These rectangles of magnetic tape have a quaint, old-fashionedness about them," Kozloff argues; "they hark back to reading aloud in the family parlor, to Dickens performing A Christmas Carol, or to gathering around the wireless for the latest episode" (92).
In contrast, we hypothesized that there would be a negative correlation between old-fashionedness and equity sensitivity ([H.sub.2]).
In a quirk of old-fashionedness, she wouldn't let on her age -- symbolically for me she was born exactly a week before my father.
Laetitia: Yes, we both like the old-fashionedness of it.
But whether he merely dislikes the "queer old-fashionedness" of his sisters' way of life, or whether, as a man, he is tacitly excluded from membership in their community, is never made precisely clear (17).