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a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

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Roman noted there is not too much budgetary requirement of the old-age pension increase for veterans, the problem, however, is to find its funding source.
In fact take-up of the old-age pension peaked at almost 80 per cent of the age group in 1979.
These tendencies inevitably affected the old-age pension system.
Among other things, they find that an increase in a longevity-contingent old-age pension will induce individuals to live longer.
However, what we know as Social Security - the old-age pension program - was just a piece of the Social Security Act that ushered in the modern welfare state.
Roman (1st District, Bataan), a veteran who is at least 65 years of age shall be paid an old-age pension of P10,000 monthly for life, unless he is actually receiving a similar pension for the same consideration from other government funds.
876 billion is allocated for Old-Age Pension, Survivors Pension, Invalidity Pension and Old-Age Grants.
The real outrage however is that these privileged citizens, apart from collecting a state pension, in excess of e1/43,000 per month (in some cases it is in excess of e1/44,000) also collect an old-age pension from the Social Insurance Fund.
THE Government was yesterday warned to protect the old-age pension in the Budget or face the wrath of angry senior citizens.
Benefit levels were fair and, for the first time, the elderly were given a decent old-age pension of 26 shillings per week.
I WANT to live in a world in which I will be denied a right to vote, a world where high taxes will be the norm and where I will receive the lowest old-age pension in Europe when I retire.
Social Security, the government's old-age pension and by far the largest and most popular federal program, is almost inevitably going to be cut back.
The management contract also includes relay service for the contributory old-age pension.
IT DID not surprise me to read in a national newspaper that the old-age pension paid here in the UK is the lowest in Europe.
Colmenares said the 5-year lump sum and old-age pension and cash payment and the basic monthly pension under the Government Security and Insurance System (GSIS) law are the option for the employees under the retirement program of the government.