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insurance paid to the elderly

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Moreover, the three criteria the Court offered as justifying federal old-age insurance schemes, cited just above, are nothing but conclusory.
with old-age insurance, was never really on the table, at least not
Roosevelt said at one point, "The Congress can't stand the pressure of the Townsend Plan unless we have a real old-age insurance system, nor can I face the country.
The State Council also introduced the new rural social old-age insurance system in 2008 and launched pilot projects in over 300 counties across the country in 2009.
10) These variables comprehend information on personal risk profile and security options, general aspects of insurance, private old-age insurance products, policy design, contract design, contract execution and calculation of participation rates.
In the end, the Social Security program "excluded agricultural and domestic employees from its provisions for unemployment compensation and old-age insurance.
Most will have to rely on the traditional old-age insurance, i.
40) Article 9 requires States to offer security schemes in areas such as old-age insurance and benefits, disability benefits, survivors' and orphans' benefits, employment injury and occupational disease benefits, medical care and maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, and family benefits.
Even in the more affluent Islamic societies, large and loyal families are still the primary old-age insurance policy.
So long as the financial security of the mother is dependent largely on her surviving children, she will agree to have or seek to have more children as her old-age insurance.
Selden and You (1997), Hussain (1994), and Song and Chu (1997) survey and examine China's old-age insurance system, World Bank (1997a) outlines a three-pillar pension system for China, World Bank (1997b) assesses China's health care system, and Gertler (1998) reviews the Asian (including China) experience of social health insurance.
Roosevelt's landmark social insurance legislation of 1935, which inaugurated the nation's federal-state system of unemployment insurance as well as its purely federal old-age insurance program.
In 1939, the Congress made the Old-Age Insurance system a family program when it added benefits for dependents of retired workers and surviving dependents of deceased workers.
He added that he did not know "whether this is the time" for extensive federal legislation, either for national health insurance or for old-age insurance.
Our plan, the Personal Security System (PSS), would redress these problems by replacing the Old-Age Insurance (OAI) portion of Social Security with a system of individual accounts and by establishing a dedicated stream of revenues to pay off the current system's unfunded liability.