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insurance paid to the elderly

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Moreover, the three criteria the Court offered as justifying federal old-age insurance schemes, cited just above, are nothing but conclusory.
Finally, she addressed the three parts of old-age insurance, stating, "For those now young or even middle-aged, a system of compulsory old age insurance will enable them to build up, with matching contributions from their employees, an annuity from which they can draw as a right upon reaching old age" (Social Security Administration, Social Security History, 1935).
with old-age insurance, was never really on the table, at least not
Roosevelt said at one point, "The Congress can't stand the pressure of the Townsend Plan unless we have a real old-age insurance system, nor can I face the country.
From the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s when the focus was on the establishment of the socialist market economy and pilot reform, China had gradually set up the framework of a modern social security system, including the minimum subsistence security system and social insurance system comprising basic old-age insurance for urban workers, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance.
Half the items deal with the particularities of private old-age insurance because this insurance line generates the largest share of the interviewed insurance intermediaries' income (Eckardt, 2002).
The circular of the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Old-Age Insurance System for Employees of Enterprises was issued in March, which set the aim of the reform of the old-age insurance system for employees of enterprises, to establish basically an old-age insurance system by the end of the 20th century.
The government targets an increase in social security spending and will expand an old-age insurance system for rural residents to 23 percent of counties.
If we shall adopt this amendment, the government having determined to set up a federal system of old-age insurance will provide, in its own bill creating they system, competition which in the end may destroy the federal system.
In the end, the Social Security program "excluded agricultural and domestic employees from its provisions for unemployment compensation and old-age insurance.
Whether State funding paid by France by way of assistance when self-employed craftsmen and traders retire and grants made to the old-age insurance scheme for self-employed persons in manufacturing and trading occupations, and those in the craft sector, constitute state aid.
Most will have to rely on the traditional old-age insurance, i.
40) Article 9 requires States to offer security schemes in areas such as old-age insurance and benefits, disability benefits, survivors' and orphans' benefits, employment injury and occupational disease benefits, medical care and maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, and family benefits.
After Congress passed Social Security, Secretary Perkins and Social Security Board chairman Arthur Altmeyer promoted the new program in the media, telling the public that benefits would be "earned annuities to which the recipients are entitled as a matter of right" and that benefits "under the Federal old-age insurance system will be paid as a matter of right to qualified individuals who have been paying their contributions .
fact that employed women's old-age insurance benefits were