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It extends the benefits of Old-Age Pension, Survivor's Pension, Invalidity Pension and Old-Age Grant to the insured persons or their survivors.
7,540 million is allocated for Old-Age Pension, Survivors Pension, Invalidity Pension and Old-Age Grants.
The post Cyprus has third lowest GDP spending on old-age pensions in EU appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
It said 7,952 active members and 820 old-age pensioners in Calapan City and the towns of Naujan, Baco, San Teodoro, Pola and Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro may avail of the loan until Feb.
According to the official source, an amount of Rs 10,400 million has been disbursed among 231,638 beneficiaries under Old-Age Pension Scheme of EOBI.
The corresponding amount of increase in their old-age pension to P10,000 will require P1,628 billion.
The Iftar-dinners offered Mobilink Torchbearers a chance to interact with the residents at the old-age homes and the orphanage as they spent time caring for them.
Zamboanga City -- State-run Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is granting emergency loan to active members working or residing in Zamboanga City and old-age pensioners in the city up to May 27.
The policy issue of old-age security has received growing attention as populations age and problems with existing policies begin to emerge.
com)-- Bringing modern retirement to India, Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust (DBCT), has introduced Heavenly Palace, the first-ever modern, old-age retirement home in India (http://www.
Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius says the government is "ready to commit" to increase old-age pensions after the current hard times, reports ELTA.
10 (ANI): Abandoned by their own children, many elderly people at an old-age home in Bhopal, performed 'Shraadh' for themselves during the ongoing 'Pitrapaksha'.
Analysis of essays written when some of the women were in their late teens or early 20s showed that subjects without old-age cognitive impairment--including several women with evidence of plaques and tangles--presented significantly more ideas for every 10 words in their essays than women with mild cognitive impairment or AD.
Swedish panel data have been used to estimate the effects of both old-age retirement and disability retirement on average sickness absence during 1996 to 2001 for men and women.
Abu Dhabi: Old-age homes in India are not a stigma among the senior citizens anymore, said a man who joined his daughter in Abu Dhabi recently.