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The population studied during 1996-2001 consists of individuals married or registered as living together with the same partner throughout the period studied, aged at least 35 and not receiving any old-age or disability pension.
A fourth major claim of the GE frame is that current old-age policies are unsustainable due to the changing demographic structure.
I know that if I was an old-age pensioner I would prefer to live in Labour-controlled Bridgend.
As a result, less than 4% of Germany's old-age provisions stem from such schemes.
However, what we know as Social Security - the old-age pension program - was just a piece of the Social Security Act that ushered in the modern welfare state.
In another past interview, he cited a different memory, one that followed approval of a new law to provide welfare and old-age benefits to longtime non-citizen residents, as his most rewarding success.
At the offices of the Jewish Community of the City of Vienna, we talked with Herr Blau, who administers the Community's modern and attractive old-age home.
The report finds that to meet this growing challenge of an aging population, China must implement an old-age safety net and establish a genuinely funded pension system.
To deal with rapidly aging population, the Chinese government incorporated the issue of aging into the National 12th Five-Year Plan, and has introduced a number of favorable policies and laws & regulations from 2012, including the Opinion on Comprehensively Pushing Forward the Home-based Care Services, the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Social Services for the Aged, the Guidance on Land for Old-age Service Facilities, and The Executive Opinion on Encouraging Private Capital to Participate in Old-age Service Industry Development.
876 billion is allocated for Old-Age Pension, Survivors Pension, Invalidity Pension and Old-Age Grants.
Social insurance focuses on basic old-age pensions and medical insurance which, will cover all the population.
ISLAMABAD -- The Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) has disbursed an amount of Rs.
Though in current scenario, number of old-age homes has come up, but there is a need for many more such homes in India.
Thane's own contribution is greatest in the modern period, tracing the invention of the old-age pensioner, the experience of greater longevity, and the positive contributions of the welfare state.
With the introduction of the MPF, complemented by personal savings and CSSA, Hong Kong will have in place all three pillars for old-age protection," the fund authority said in a statement.