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Synonyms for presbyopia

a reduced ability to focus on near objects caused by loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens after age 45

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THE FLOP GUNS It's the same old sight at the final whistle as Arsenal know they face a virtually impossible job
Before his women-figures, Austria was known for his folk genre works, particularly of the familiar old sight of the family travelling in a bull cart with all sorts of woven crafts hanging (the sight has disappeared now in Metro Manila) in every corner.
Also, by installing a new front sight while the old sight was still in place, I could use the old sight to help align or position the new sight bead.
There was the old sight of Bryant pointing to where the ball should go and pointing to where his teammates should be.
The trick would work on almost any sight, and it is almost like turning an old sight into a brand-new super-bright fiber wrapped sight.
But unlike Armand, who used to often simply fill the dovetail with pieces from an old sight and peen them into place, John TIG welded the old dovetail closed and re-machined the notch.