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senior citizen


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Meanwhile, a 41-year old person identified as Malik Tahir Iqbal, son of Banaras, was riding a bike when his motorbike hit a bridge's boundary wall and died at the spot.
Or do you think it is all right for an old person to do your job for you?
'It's time to be my own person again...I'm now back to the old person that I was.
Umar Khan, a sixty five year old person at Faizabad, talking to reporter said, 'I spent the whole life in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, but after death of my young son due drug addiction I came to Rawalpindi to see my married daughter.
'I'm not an old person and never have been an old person.
Lumley said she counts herself as "an old person" and told The Sunday Telegraph: "My friends and I have often spoken of a plan: rather than reach the stage where we're old and alone, we'd prefer to live together; to buy a big house, bring in a housekeeper to look after us all, and enjoy our twilight years in good company.
Police said that according to initial investigation unidentified person abducted the 24 year old person and later shot him dead.
MAGGIE HARRINGTON Getting to be an old person should be seen as a real achievement.
ONE of Birmingham's largest bowls clubs is gearing up for its 90th anniversary with a major recruitment drive to shatter the myth that it is an old person's sport.
I dread to think of any old person tripping up on the these cracked raised pavements all along that stretch.
My eyesight is that of an old person, not a teenager.
She allows her body to be enhanced, and then rented by an Ender, an old person, wanting to have the experience of life in a youthful physique.
If this had been a 25 year old person, of modest means, driving a ten-year-old Mondeo I'm sure that the justice system would have imposed a driving ban, a hefty fine, plus costs to cover the claim of not being the driver, a victim fee and possible a length of community service.
Let's think for a moment whose birthday this is, Not just any old person but is one of a King, Who was born long ago on that first Christmas day, In our hearts we prepare so that joy comes to stay.
"He thinks it is a sad state of affairs when yobs destroy an old person's only means of getting out and about.