old man

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Synonyms for old man

Synonyms for old man

Synonyms for old man

a familiar term of address for a man


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an informal term for your father

aromatic herb of temperate Eurasia and North Africa having a bitter taste used in making the liqueur absinthe

References in classic literature ?
The old man crumbled up some bread in a cup, stirred it with the handle of a spoon, poured water on it from the dipper, broke up some more bread, and having seasoned it with salt, he turned to the east to say his prayer.
Sancho took it and, handing it to the other old man, said to him, "Go, and God be with you; for now you are paid.
said the old man in a shrill voice, 'more care of Nelly
The crowd drew a long, quavering breath, staring alternately at the old man, still at attention, and ragged Kim against the purple twilight.
For an hour the procession of grotesques passed before the eyes of the old man, and then, although it was a painful thing to do, he crept out of bed and began to write.
Yonder, at the broker's," said the old man, "where there are so many pictures hanging.
So the Princess stayed with him, and said to the old man, 'Go back to the castle and tell my parents that I am staying here.
It is no use," said the old man, "there is no wine.
The old man uttered a loud yell which rang through the lonely fields like the howl of an evil spirit.
Dag Daughtry made the lip-noise so low that the old man did not hear, and Michael, springing clear from sand to canoe, was on board without wetting his feet.
As he drew near the advancing soldiers, and as the roll of their drum came full upon his ears, the old man raised himself to a loftier mien, while the decrepitude of age seemed to fall from his shoulders, leaving him in gray but unbroken dignity.
He drove the men away with his staff, and they went forth as the old man sped them.
Cropole turned around, and, on seeing the old man, cleared a passage for him.
said an old man of Catherine's day, turning contemptuously toward Bolkonski.
An old man named Daniel Baker, living near Lebanon, Iowa, was suspected by his neighbors of having murdered a peddler who had obtained permission to pass the night at his house.