old geezer

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Old geezers hold the door open for the next person and always when walking make certain the lady is on the inside for her protection.
"Latch on to the old geezers and sop up all you can from them."
"I went for an audition for a play and I met this old geezer who wrote it.
The 'Uncle Drew' storyline featuring an old geezer playing playground basketball with his equally aging buddies has become a YouTube hit in recent years.
There will always be the part for some old geezer in the corner of the script" - Sir Ian McKellen.
Cowell "For an old geezer like me, who comes along in his 64th year and he's slightly portly, and he thinks he's a bit over the hill, this last month, with this delightful teacher, has taken me to a very special place".
"I still light up a stogie whenever my sons kindly bring the old geezer one.
Image: Cuddly old geezer. Best known for: Doctor Who.
If the silly old geezer has been smoking or drinking for years, let's not treat him.
Then a fat old geezer who used to be the drummer in 70s pop group Marmalade lands a night on the tiles with the lovely Lia-Jay, who looks like a bloke wearing make-up.
"There are a few of the experienced lads out with injury and suspension and when I looked at the team-sheet at Blackburn I thought - wow, I'm like the old geezer! I do feel greater responsibility but I am not a player who is going to shout his head off on the pitch.
"He beat Mormeck but Mormeck became an old geezer in that fight, he 'died' in the ring.
Or perhaps it's just a silly piece of documentary footage showing a frazzled old geezer on a Birmingham bus, sneaking sips from his can of lager while picking his nose.
Most people didn't even know there was one there to remove but I'll always associate the word with that sketch from Monty Python's Life Of Brian when that old geezer is being stoned to death for blasphemy for merely uttering "Jehovah".