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I consider explaining to Old Geezer that I'm less of a working men's club, joke merchant and more an existential character comic that mixes satire with silliness.
When tackling the subject of sporting birds on the box, the usual fire-fuelling tactic is to dig up some old geezer who believes a woman's place is barefoot in the stadium tearoom.
It's been a long wait but it's nice to have the old geezer in England at last.
The longer it takes Dole to silence Buchanan's assertions that he is an out-of-touch old geezer who is soft on abortion, and to silence Forbes' assertions that he is just another discredited Washington taxer-and-spender, the harder it is for Dole to turn his full attention to the president.
However, it is a sad reflection on the game that it's taken some old geezer, a ginger bloke going grey, to get us all talking about snooker again.
As a posse of posh sycophants with silly names insisted we'd got it all wrong about former foreigner Prince foot-in-mouth Philip, Trevor McServile set a new world record for the number of times you can call an irascible old geezer "Sir" in one sentence.
A lot of the acting is very clunky, but it makes its mark thanks to its non-stop, made-up street slang and the fact that the gangsters are black and Asian - much to the dismay of old geezer Fitch (James Bolam) who used to drive for the Krays.
Not even old Geezer Butler, Osbourne's bass-playing pal who helped start Black Sabbath in 1970, could take the lifestyle any longer.
In one pub, an old geezer asked me where I was from.
An old geezer (in this case George Cole) holds court and we are obliged to laugh at his pathetic attempts at humour.
But any thoughts this was some old geezer noodling around onan electric guitar were quickly banished.
Teenage boy racers, juggernaut lorries travelling too fast, a group of women gossiping or the old geezer in the flat cap?
The old geezer who seems welded to the chair at the bookies could get to live the life of a '50s film star by driving a sports car into the side of a station wagon to test its crumple zones.
The first day it was like, 'OK, let this old geezer have his day in the sun.
Face it, folks, their problem isn't one of concern for our health (well, mine - I'm a fat old geezer with a cigar in my snout this very now), but that I, belly, cigar and all, offend their aesthetic sensibilities.