old codger

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used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man

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| Rod Delamere Surviving Old Codger, Pontprennau, Cardiff
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At the risk of sounding like an old codger, I feel duty bound to make the following comment: "They don't make 'em like they used to."
Well, some folks think he was a cranky old codger. But that doesn't mean G.B.
AFTER ENJOYING THEIR MUSIC back home in Blighty, I got ahold of some more of their charged sounds, provoking misty-eyed reminiscences of Killing Joke and Gang of Four for this old codger. I'm looking forward to seeing them in concert, as long as they're not on too late or too loud.
"I remain an Old Codger for Peace, ready to continue my resistance and to recruit others to the cause," he wrote in his autobiography.
You might think that a magazine in its 96th year, put out by an association in its 116th, would be well into its dotage, doddering around like an old codger revelling in long-past successes.
Mind you, the old codger has just suffered a spell in hospital with a broken ankle, and while Mick would happily leave him to his own devices, it's his sister Tina who insists they help Stan recuperate.
However, back on home turf and following a smart trial run, Richard Baker's Old Codger is given preference to bag ten points for the hosts.
Havers is being revealed to be the most curmudgeonly old codger imaginable.
Like Vern Henderson, I too am an old codger who wonders what some of those mega-bucks shooters can do that my more "blue collar" types won't.
Let's hope the car lasts longer with Giggsy than it did with Wales teammate Robbie Savage, who dumped his Bentley after three weeks because Birmingham City players nicknamed him 'old codger'.
As soon as Ruby discovered cantankerous old codger William's biscuit tin crammed with cash under the kitchen sink, viewers knew that it was going to play a part in her quest for having a baby.
For me, and every crusty old codger like me, it was Whit Monday - and I'll bet that no-one under 40 in the whole of South Wales knows what that once meant.