old bag

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an ugly or ill-tempered woman

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"Now we must buy an extra heavy- duty bag for you." That was our decision when our daughter, Megha, asked for a new school bag because her old bag, which was purchased two months before, got spoiled.
But she's not simply a grimy old bag lady who smells of onions and wee (Bennett's wonderful description is of an "odiferous concerto").
If so, it doesn't protect the aiming light nearly as well as the old bag.
The ivory canvas tote bag has lettering that reads "Not an Old Bag." Imprinted on the inside is "Support for Seniors - It's in the Bag."
I think the band must have thought 'we need that old bag Lulu on our tour
All the gods you've known have vanished and left you an old bag of bones.
An old bag lady was magnificently portrayed by Kathryn Dunn, who demonstrated an unsuspected rubbery face.
Most people think of Victoria as old bag in a bonnet, don't they?
Crawl back under your rock" Lord Sugar hits out at a critic who accused him of racism for objecting to German-born Labour MP Gisela Stuart, a Brexit supporter, sitting on a panel during an EU referendum debate "In actual life I am a grumpy old bag" Comic actress Dawn French "There's no such thing as unwanted attention for an actor" Actor James Nesbitt "The first thing you do on the space station is you make it normal.
If you donate an old bag to the Osprey store you receive 20% off a new one.
Around pounds 265,000 was raised at the annual event, Lunch With An Old Bag.
Purely so I can say she looks like an old bag, I presume.
She thinks I'm too radical" Cricketer Sir Ian Botham "Contemporary art has become this baggy old bag; you can dump any old thing in and people say it's art" Award-winning, cross-dressing potter Grayson Perry
Gareth Preston, prosecuting, said he'd told Mrs Patricia Lehart to "f*** off and called her an old bag" and a relative had described him "ranting and raving."
"In about five years' time I shall be carrying a very big brolly and shall be a very cross old bag and hitting people if I don't like the way they treat me" - Veteran actress Diana Rigg (pictured).