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Synonyms for okay

being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition

in a satisfactory or adequate manner

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Okay Airlines will provide the largest share of the registered capital of United Star Express.
Whatever your stamping, machining or assembly requirements are, you'll find a single, comprehensive solution at OKAY Industries.
So now the whole thing reads, "Pretty nice grace, how neat the sound/ Which helps out okay guys like me .
Okay specializes in stamping and machining metals, laser welding, automated assembly, design engineering and supply chain management.
911 OPERATOR: Okay right we're going to get right over there.
Seventy-one percent of respondents were trying to avoid conceiving, 6% were trying to get pregnant and 23% were okay either way.
So it's okay to cash in on the less fortunate among us.
But it's an okay start and I certainly think I'm in okay shape to improve on that.
I'm okay with it, but not overly okay," was the telling contribution of team leader Kimberly.
NUNEATON Town's most recent arrival, Erkan Okay, has left the club and signed for Blue Square South leaders Chelmsford City.
It's Okay To Blush" is her personal and candid memoir, told in chronological snippets about her experiences and observations with respect to the doctors, nursers, family members, neighbors, friends and faith as she grew up and eventually married Ray Gautreau.
The doctor says he is okay, the physio says he's okay and the player says he is okay.
I was okay today, so I don't want to look too far ahead.
Penned long after Jack Kerouac had passed on, You'll Be Okay is a tale of girlhood love--when both Edie and Jack were only 18, and met at Columbia University.
We went to Europe and Japan and I was skating okay, I thought.