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Synonyms for okay

being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition

in a satisfactory or adequate manner

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OKAY is a cost-efficient way for retailers to cover all categories without oversaturation of brands.
Okay BarutAaAaAeAou will now be based in Dubai where the regional headquarte will be setup to serve the East Europe, West Asia, Middle East and Africa markets.
If you are looking for razor sharp, low-load surgical cutting components, look to Okay Industries for your solutions.
We are very pleased to welcome Okay as a launch customer of the 737 MAX 10 and a new customer of the 787-9 Dreamliner," said Ray Conner, Vice Chairman of The Boeing Company.
Okay Airways will operate the aircraft in support of its express services for e-commerce and other companies in the domestic China market.
Medyo okay na siya pero hindi ko pa siya nakaakusap kasi bawal pa siya kausapin.
So you want me to end this call and wait for the nurse to ring you or do you want to stay a bit longer to me, that would be perfectly okay either way?
Swift insisted that she loves her life, career, friends, but despite that things are not okay all the time.
Okay, so this photograph was taken hours after the worst storm to hit the UK in years and Emilia wasn't the only one refusing to take her coat off on the red carpet but she really should have chosen one that covered her dress.
Demi Lovato insists shes not dating a certain guy from One Direction okay, okay, we get Demi.
911 OPERATOR: Okay and you don't know if she's conscious or breathing at all?
This is not an okay that means we like what is going on.
1) Women who would be okay either way differ from those intending to conceive in a number of respects; for example, they attach less importance to motherhood and are less likely to say that they are infertile.
JUDGE Charles Harris thinks it's okay for a lender to charge 330 PER CENT interest.