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Synonyms for oink

the short low gruff noise of the kind made by hogs


Related Words

utter a high-pitched cry, characteristic of pigs


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Virtual Piggy is the provider of Oink, the first e-commerce solution that enables kids and teens to manage and spend money within parental controls.
With two floors available above the ground floor shop, there's potential for Oink to move upwards by converting the first floor into an additional seating area.
Since 1998, OINK KG has been creating and marketing Windows applications for businesses and home users.
For more information, write to OINK KG, Gottfried-Hagen-Str.
Angus & Oink began life in 2014 when Aberdeen couple Malissa and Scott Fraser started to develop BBQ lifestyle products inspired by living and working in the southern US and South America.
Every year, we receive hundreds of entries from all over the world, so you can understand how surprised I was to see Joe's name again," says Dan Price, Partner of Oink Ink.
OTCBB: VPIG), creators of Oink, the innovative and safe payment technology for families, said it has partnered with Rising Star Games, a worldwide video games publisher.
Tianli Agritech said its stock will start trading on Nasdaq on Tuesday under the symbol OINK.
BILLY THE SEAL: Oink oink oink (sealspeak for "Yeah, look after us local lads".
Alan Ellis was accused of making hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Oink website, which he ran from his own bedroom.
A 25-year-old man has been charged with conspiracy to defraud after an inquiry into the OiNK.
She's dusted off her wellies, unpacked her colouring book and rounded up the family for more fun piggy antics, oink oink, and we've got some piggy prizes to give away in today's competition
They even say ``soouu-eeee, soouu-eeee, oink oink, here piggy piggy'' while groveling in the sawdust, enticing pigs to come near.
Old oink face tried to trick the nation into thinking she's just a simple girl who's never used a trough.
Group this story with Bernard Most's The Cow That Went Oink and Mem Fox's Feathers and Fools for a story hour focus on diversity, friendship, and community.