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a can with a long nozzle to apply oil to machinery

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Mignon, originally from New Oilcans, is brimful of joy and laughter, and it is infectious.
Granite counter tops allow McRee to showcase his unique collection of antique oilcans and fire hose nozzles.
Empty oilcans, a tire, branches and leaves gather in soupy piles that ebb and swell.
While treating cases, he realized many problems--infections from bad water, burns from people carrying lighted oilcans on their heads to see at night--could have easily been prevented.
In Western Europe, USA or Japan, the oil is changed based on the instructions written on the oilcans, but at the minimal recommended covered distance.
We are smiling now, we are laughing because you are going about the business of being funny, very funny, with the gears and cogs and clocks and whistles and oilcans.
Nearly every separator manufacturer sold their own oil," he says, "so I collect oilcans.