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a can with a long nozzle to apply oil to machinery

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As Sarty returns to the house with the oilcan, again he hears his mother crying.
Our pictures, which show Molloy being led out of court, will be broadcast on Sunday next, March 20, and will be the LAST time viewers see oilcan Harry on the show.
The goat's owner, Jerry Pierson, said that the goat, named "Lil' Dale," is a natural for advertising: "All you have to do is put an oilcan in front of her and it'll sell.
I use a lubricating oil, such as WD-40, from a pump-style oilcan to keep the file wet during use.
That may have been sufficient in the days when the most expensive items inside were an oilcan and a packet of rusty tin tacks.
I was amazed to actually see the kind of healing this oilcan do," stated Dr.
I'd salivate as the school cook would pour the treacle from something resembling a giant oilcan over an enormous tray of golden sponge.
The cab is made of fiber panels; the pilot is made from an oilcan.
When driving round roundabouts the red light on the dash with the small oilcan sign flashes - what does this mean?
Pause often to let the blade cool or place the work over a dean bucket, get a pump-style oilcan and have a helper bathe it in a continual flow of milky steel-cutting emulsion or light engine oil.
The cylinders were lubricated with a squirt oilcan and the magneto was cleaned.
Research carried out at Cardiff University has reinforced its tinman oilcan reputation by proving that it can help protect cartilage, which in turn cushions the bones and stops them grinding against each other.
The article even added that an oilcan was unnecessary since the tractor's lubrication was so thorough.
The story goes on to show how Diddle Daddle spends his money on bread for his whole family, hears his mother tell him how proud she is of him, and--on the last page--falls asleep, "dreaming of buns and oilcans and watering cans.
Tom also collects chainsaw memorabilia: signs, pamphlets, oilcans and manuals.