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nocturnal fruit-eating bird of South America that has fatty young yielding an oil that is used instead of butter

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The most traditional examples are guano and bat droppings, and there are also birds, such as the guacharo, or oilbird (Steatornis caripensis), of the caves of South America, that introduce the remains of the fruit they feed on, and the dozen or so species of swiftlets (Collocalia [=Aerodramus] salangana, and other members of the same genus) that nest in caves in southeast Asia.
Digestive efficiency and rate of food passage in Oilbird nestlings.
The fruits of Oenocarpus bataua, Euterpe precatoria and some species of Bactris are consumed and dispersed by the oilbird (Steatornis caripensis), that can travel up to 73.
Although dispersal of this palm is also effected by several animal species, including the oilbird (Steatornis caripensis) (Snow & Snow, 1978) and the capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) (Stevenson et al.
Snow & Snow, 1978; Herzog & Kessler, 1997), there is likely to be high spatial variability in the intensity and direction of oilbird seed dispersal, which could explain the mass effect differences.
Seeds are primarily dispersed by Oilbirds (Steatornis caripensis) and several species of Toucans (Ramphastidae).