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Frutarom Savory Solutions introduces Origanox[TM] OS-T, a new oil-soluble variant within its portfolio of natural plant extracts which secures the freshness, taste and quality of foods throughout their shelf life.
Oil-soluble dye in larval diet for tagging moths, eggs, and spermatophores of tobacco budworms.
Only oil-soluble compounds, such as carnosic acid, carnosol and delta-tocopherol, provide a significant protective antimutagenic activity.
Peanuts were incrementally roasted at 362[degrees]F from zero to 77 minutes and then sampled for water- and oil-soluble antioxidant activity levels.
In tests, dark-roasting consistently increased water- and oil-soluble antioxidant capacities for both commercially available peanut flours and blanched peanuts.
The function of a detergent is to 'marry' oil-soluble materials with water-soluble materials," says Westman.
Smart Prime effectively seals all oil-soluble stains like grease, crayon, tar, and asphalt so projects can be completed with just one primer.
Like other water-based primers, Smart Prime seals all oil-soluble stains like grease, crayon, tar and asphalt, so projects can be completed with just one primer.
Adding oil-soluble INOLENS 4 to oils and fats can increase their Shelf-life without compromising quality.
The Double Serum features a formula that combines both water- and oil-soluble ingredients to give skin the energy it needs to efficiently fight the aging process.
We are considering it as a platform carrier material for pesticides and have looked at several pesticides, including oil-soluble avermectin, water-soluble validamycin, and a couple of others, all demonstrating the same behaviors," Wen says.
Not only is it 100% bioavailable, it outperforms other types of Cat's Claw because it's both water-soluble and oil-soluble.
As surfactant molecules, they are partly water-soluble and partly oil-soluble.
The scheme for the separation of total study oil into hydrocarbons, oil-soluble phenols and neutral oxygen compounds was designed.
Particularly powerful and long-lasting antioxidants, they are oil-soluble and especially good at protecting the integrity of cell membranes.