oil-rich seed

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any of several seeds that yield oil

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Jatropha is a perennial shrub that sprouts inedible but oil-rich seeds that can be turned into biofuel.
The hens are fed a special diet of soya, cereals and oil-rich seeds.
Flax is a blue flowering crop grown on the Prairies of Canada for its oil-rich seeds.
Jatropha is a plant that can grow in dry, worn-out soils and whose oil-rich seeds can be used as a biofuel.
BIODIESEL FROM OILSEED PLANTS Biodiesel is produced by extracting oil in oil-rich seeds.
Jatropha is a sustainable, low-cost, high-yield plant that produces oil-rich seeds.
Birds such as sparrows, bullfinches, goldfinches, tits and greenfinches love the oil-rich seeds of many garden plants, so are always pleased to see teasels, asters, filipendula and achillea.