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a pipeline used to transport oil

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Transneft, established in 1993, is a Russian state-owned transport monopoly, the largest oil pipeline company in the world.
ADCOP is a single purpose company that was established in September 2017 to own the crude oil pipeline running from Habshan to the port of Fujairah in UAE.
He expressed the hope that the project of multi-grading of the oil pipeline would complete by 2019.
Piping company MFRI (Nasdaq:MFRI ) reported on Wednesday that its Perma-Pipe subsidiary will bid for the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.
Proteus is a 71-mile crude oil pipeline with a 425,000 bpd capacity.
The project provides for the reconstruction of the linear production-dispatching "Volodarskaya" station and construction of connecting pipelines from the station to the main oil pipeline Ryazan - Moscow with the subsequent transfer of this pipeline under the pumping of oil.
The increasing use of throughput and deficiency agreements in connection with new oil pipeline projects over the last decade has had the effect of blurring the traditional distinction between contract carriage natural gas pipelines and common-carrier oil pipelines.
China has confirmed the readiness to import 27 million metric tons of Russian oil in 2016, Vice-President of the Russia's oil pipeline company Transneft, Sergey Andronov, said Thursday.
The Central Government began constructing a new oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Erbil to increase oil exports from the region, an official from the Kurdish Regional Government said on Sunday.
In late August, the Special Criminal Court held a trial in absentia for 14 persons accused of having blown up the oil pipeline in Marib in 2011.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Member of the Parliamentary Commission of oil and energy Susan Sd said on Friday that Iraq is losing 25 million dollars a day because of the acts of sabotage, which affected the transportation of oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Ceyhan Turkish port of.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Turkish energy ministry Tanir Yildiz pointed out that his country understands the Iraqi fears of its territorial unity, following Kurdish statements they will build a second oil pipeline to Turkey.
The gas pipeline stretches for 793 kilometers within Myanmar's territory, while the crude oil pipeline extends for 771 kilometers.
Al-Sawarmi Khalid Sd, announced that a group of the rebel Jibril Ibrahim moved from inside South Sudan State territories, namely from Wohda State, at 09:00 on Wednesday and infiltrated inside the Sudanese territories and destroyed the oil pipeline at Ajaja area in Abyei Directorate.
China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), the country's top oil and gas producer, has completed construction of a natural gas pipeline from Myanmar to China and is close to finishing a crude oil pipeline, the company said.