oil paint

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paint in which a drying oil is the vehicle

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It seems that it is here--pock marked, scrapped, and worn, employed in expression of the decrepit and diseased--that oil paint reaches its full potential as an avatar of the corporeal.
The artist used richly-hued oil paints and metallic leafing applied in bold, sweeping lines to compose a dynamic scene of ships at sea.
If the oil paint and the canvas could speak, I am reasonably sure they would say, "Do not touch me, do not erase me.
Bowls oil painting white clor,bowls oil painting blue,bowls oil paint color black,buckets of water blue paint,buckets of water white paint etc.
Individual owls are rendered in thick, glossy oil paint that, while seductive, acknowledges a certain conceptual fissure.
Michelangelo's method of applying oil paint is contrasted with the Netherlandish and Venetian approach.
The beauty of oil paint is that you can wipe it off, scrape it off with a palette knife or paint over it.
By dipping the pencil into linseed oil or oil paint extender, color can be applied and blended smoothly onto small areas.
Contract awarded for 40 rubber paint cups, 80 gallons of oil paint, 55 gallons of thiner 10 handle for roller 12 plush jumbo, 20 brushes 2 "and brushes 20 3"
She wanted the background to appear burnished, so she tacked a piece of canvas to her studio wall, brushed on a wash of oil paint, balled up a wet rag and began to rub the paint around.
For one thing, that defiantly vernacular vinyl is gone, replaced by sign-painter's enamel deployed in tandem with good old-fashioned oil paint.
Six years of research, a new patent and five hundred years of art history later, Grumbacher unveils Max Grumbacher Artists' Oil Color, the first fine quality oil paint to mix and clean up with water.
Kryjace painting (at least twice) oil paint grilles and railings with straight bars; 8.
Its tragic drift is bookended by a pair of GWs: Bush, recognizably smug even in a few blotches of oil paint, and Washington, a la Gilbert Stuart but mortally disappointed.