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a lamp that burns oil (as kerosine) for light

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The low-roofed, oak-panelled room into which he conducted them was brilliantly lit by four scented oil lamps. Against the walls, upon the table, on the floor, and in every part of the chamber were great sheets of glass painted in the most brilliant colors.
The inside of the dome is figured all over with a monstrous inscription in Turkish characters, wrought in gold mosaic, that looks as glaring as a circus bill; the pavements and the marble balustrades are all battered and dirty; the perspective is marred every where by a web of ropes that depend from the dizzy height of the dome, and suspend countless dingy, coarse oil lamps, and ostrich-eggs, six or seven feet above the floor.
In time it would be demolished to make way for what would be known as the "Emerson School," in which, to be worthy of this high title, the huge stoves would be supplanted with hot-water pipes, oil lamps with soft, indirect lighting, and unsightly out-buildings with modern plumbing.
WHEN a woman threw a paraffin oil lamp at her husband as he returned from work, it exploded and he died from his burns.
Aladdin stumbles upon a magic oil lamp that unleashes a powerful, wisecracking, larger-than-life genie.
The findings revealed Jewish day-to-day life there, including part of an oil lamp decorated with a nine-branched menorah, one of the oldest such discovered by researchers.
Oil Lamp Theater presents Neil Simon's female version of his 1965 comedy "The Odd Couple," about two divorced men -- one easygoing and messy, the other uptight and neat -- who move in together after their marriages fall apart.
The mother didn't need more than one look to identify the object as an ancient oil lamp dating back 2,200 years, meaning it would've been in use in the days of Judah Maccabee.
NEPAL: A devotee holds an oil lamp as he throws 'sindoor' or vermilion powder during Sindoor Jatra festival in Bhaktapur.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Deplete 9 April 10 Apron 11 Carrots 12 Car 13 Sealskin 16 Absinthe 17 Met 19 Galilee 21 Yobbo 22 Raven 23 St Kilda DOWN: 1 Advance 2 Spare rib 3 Rein 4 Lacrosse 5 Trio 6 Class 8 Enchantress 13 Shilling 14 Immobile 15 Ottoman 18 Aggro 20 Live 21 Yoke QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Show of hands 8 Ali 9 Rap 11 Covered 12 Aware 13 Owe 14 Bit 15 Oil lamp 17 Net 19 Afar 21 Ogre 23 Acre 25 Coma 27 Ego 29 Bayonet 31 Nan 34 Hob 36 Aloud 37 Origami 38 Leg 39 Let 40 Co-operation DOWN: 1 Slow 2 Hive 3 Worrier 4 Fiddly 5 Alarm 6 Drab 7 Sari 8 Acorn 10 Peter 16 Par 18 Tom 20 Fee 22 Gab 24 Chemist 25 Canal 26 Colour 28 Orbit 30 Add up 32 Alec 33 No go 34 Halo 35 Omen
Diyas or small oil lamp made of baked clay are lit up for the festival as a part of the tradition.

@TwitterIndia: "This year, we're excited to celebrate the festival of lights with our first ever Diwali emoji!
President and other invitees lit the traditional oil lamp to declare open the special show.
During the two former seasons' excavations at Bosra's South Baths a number of pottery lamps, a column on which name of a Roman leader was written, upper part of basalt stone made grains mill, a square-shaped trough free of decorations and ornaments, and a dark brown ceramic oil lamp with yellow color trappings were discovered.
They are illuminated like an oil lamp with a wick and reservoir and, depending on condition, are worth between pounds 100-pounds 150.
A collage stretches across its cover: a divided blue room one side filled with daily living: bucket, broom, live chicken, oil lamp, a guitar for Saturday's singing.