oil conservation

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the conservation of petroleum resources

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Federal Oil Conservation Board members also noted the dominant role of natural market forces in correcting shortages through the price mechanism.
[section] (allowing the director of the Oil Conservation Division to "enter into an agreed compliance order with an entity against whom compliance is sought to resolve alleged violations of any provision of the Oil and Gas Act").
provisions for oil conservation and a broader range of legislated
Doherty and a few other self-described "conservationists" aggressively lobbied the Federal Oil Conservation Board to support limits on the rule of capture.
[40] Indeed, even before East Texas, the American Petroleum Institute officially had reversed its position and supported the Federal Oil Conservation Board's recommendation to place limits on the "rule of capture." [41] Among other things, this move toward production controls allowed producers to experiment with injecting their salt water back into the ground, which not only promised to solve their brine disposal problem but also to help them extract oil more efficiently.
Instead, the United States has used deregulation to encourage greater development of domestic energy sources and a series of regulations and narrowly applied market-based incentives to encourage energy and oil conservation. Policy has placed greater emphasis on restricting consumption, however, and in this way, the conceptually different issues of energy independence and energy conservation have been linked.
2 Brown and Huntington (1994) treat as a cost saving any reduction in world oil prices that results from oil conservation. Here, I am treating any reduction in world oil prices that results from energy conservation as a benefit.
A more general approach involves estimating supply curves of oil conservation using a range of market conditions represented in different models of the world oil market.
oil conservation policy might unintentionally stimulate gains in oil consumption outside of the United States.
Despite oil conservation measures adopted since the Arab oil embargoes of the 1970s, petroleum still accounts for more than half of the world's energy and 40 percent of U.S.
We are from Tollygunje Girls' High School and we have come for oil conservation. We participated here to make the people more aware regarding oil.
However, it does not include Senate-proposed provisions for oil conservation or a broader range of legislated standards for equipment efficiency.
And Stihl isn't shy about talking-up its grooved chain drive-links for better oil conservation and distribution.
He is the author of Trucking and the Public Interest: The Emergence of Federal Regulation, 1914-1940 (1986) and of a revisionist article on oil conservation efforts in Texas in the 1920s.