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mass of e.g. linseed or cottonseed or soybean from which the oil has been pressed

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Oil cake / oil seeds stacks may self-ignite because of heat produced by bacterial fermentation of the stack including other large number of factors.
Addressing a press conference at PCGA House, PCGA chairman Hafeez Anwar said that ginners delegation had met with Finance Minister, and FBR chairman and added that government has promised to accept a longstanding demand of withdrawal of sales tax on oil cake and cotton seed which would solve problem of oil mills and ginning sector.
Key Words:- Biosorption; Almond oil cake; cotton seed oil cake; acid dyes; modeling.
The index comprises chickpea (chana), cottonseed oil cake, guar seed, jaggery (gur), cumin (jeera), pepper, mustard seed, soyabean, turmeric and wheat.
Recently cheap agricultural by products like gingelly oil cake (Kamini et al., 1998) and olive oil cake (Cordova et al., 1998; Kademi et al., 2003) have been gaining a great interest as suitable substrates in solid state fermentation for fungi.
The association said prices of corn, soybean, and oil cake decreased 10% from a month earlier on the world market.
Full color photographs by Maren Caruso and explicit step-by-step instructions walk the amateur to professional chef through the steps of creating such delicacies as Lemon-Tarragon Gazpacho; Warm White Bean Salad; Salt Cod with Potatoes, Leeks, and Saffron; Walnut-Olive Oil Cake, and much more.
It takes into account the prices of soybeans, corn and soybean oil cake listed on the Chicago Board of Trade as well the prices of soybeans and corn on the Kansai exchange and the Tokyo Grain Exchange.
MULTAN -- Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) vice chairman Asim Saeed Sheikh on Tuesday appealed to the government to impose sales tax on imported oil cake instead of the oil cake being produced at home.
Nigellissima BBC2, 8.30pm More svelte these days than a woman who licks everything off her fingers should be, but Nigey is still making massaging chicken look sexy, and in her Italianinspired series, preparing yummy stuff like coffee ice cream and chocolate olive oil cake (sounds awful, looks fantastico).
COTTONSEED OIL CAKE: The prices of cottonseed oil cake are mainly influenced by two factors -- supply of cottonseed and availability of other substitutes such as mustard meal and groundnut meal.
Although the price of cotton declined, that of oil cake rose as a result of reports of strong oil market and pressure on local supplies.
In general, all related markets with cotton including, yarn, grey fabric, oil, oil cake, etc are currently depressed as there is a downward trend the world over, brokers said.