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a meter for measuring electrical resistance in ohms

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A typical ohmmeter may be used, but we really like the Fast Heat MoldXChecker.
An ohmmeter indicating that the windings of this compressor are open.
Test method presents specification of electrodes, flat base plate, ohmmeter or electrometer, preparation of specimen and it also describes calculation of surface resistivity [rho].
In a sidebar to your spark plug article you quoted Champion's Kevin Gallagher as stating that measuring resistance on a 9-volt ohmmeter doesn't give a true reading of the resistor's performance.
2) and used two registration pins to fix its position; its resistance was measured with an ohmmeter during the applied suture tensions.
Turner and colleagues at the University of British Columbia's Psychology Department (Vancouver, Canada) tested the Prognos Machine, an ohmmeter made by the German company MedPrevent.
Internal and surface resistances were measured by an Iskra MOM MA 2075 mega ohmmeter. The applied DC voltage was 1 kV.
I checked it with an ohmmeter, confirmed my diagnosis and headed to the plumbing supply store.
Their location was established using a sophisticated application of the ohmmeter. In the fairly frequent case of a short circuit between the conductor and the shield a knowledge of the combined resistance of the conductor and the shield per unit length allowed a conceptually simple method of locating the fault.
The electrical resistivity was measured by a digital ohmmeter (Megohmmeter ACL 800) at ~25[degrees]C.
Precision measurement equipment specialist Cropico is introducing an ohmmeter accurate to within 0.05 per cent.
To determine what type of cable you have, use an ohmmeter or circuit tester to test the cable.
To record the indications of thermoresistors, the digital videofilming of ohmmeter and drain nozzle in one frame was made.