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a unit of electrical resistance equal to the resistance between two points on a conductor when a potential difference of one volt between them produces a current of one ampere

German physicist who formulated Ohm's law (1787-1854)

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In addition, the gels cooked in a water bath demonstrated better gel-forming ability than the gels cooked ohmically.
Potential applications for these new Hall elements include use as a high sensitivity magnetic field sensor; ohmically isolated current measurement; non-contact sensing of translation, rotation, or vibration; and as a flux-leakage detector for nondestructive testing.
Notable among them is Nestle, which quietly has moved an ohmically processed line of low-acid particulate products into the commercial market-place.
Ohmically sterilized Pedigree Pal pet food containing 26mm meat chunks also has been produced in the United Kingdom.
Peter Lytle, General Manager at AFS, believes ohmically processed products will be imported to U.S.