ohmic resistance

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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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Active resistance to alternating current [R.sub.[omega]1] = 1.5/1.4 [OMEGA]/km and [R.sub.[omega]1] = 0.85/0.78 [OMEGA]/km for corner steel 50x50x5 and 75x75x10, while the ohmic resistance of the corners to direct current is 5 and 8.25 times less, respectively (Table 2).
The first part is irreversible heat due to the ohmic resistance and polarization effect, and the second part is the reversible heat caused by enthalpy change during battery electrochemical reactions.
The ohmic resistance describes sample resistivity, but it includes both the sample resistance and the uncompensated solution resistance.
The ohmic resistance obtained by (7) equals to 0.676 [OMEGA], and the ohmic resistance obtained by the simulation equals to 0.616 [OMEGA].
On the contrary, the ohmic resistance [R.sub.s] (Tables 1 and 2), that is, the high frequency intercept of the impedance spectrum, is comparable with the one of the reference assembly, or even lower; in any case, it is in the order of 0.3 [OMEGA] x [cm.sup.2] and does not vary appreciably upon increasing CD.
Table 1: Ohmic resistance and electrodes polarization estimated from the impedance data shown in Figure 7.
In early studies, we have reported that, biosensors with compositions below 14% of graphite loading in spite of having low double-layer capacitance values, it presented high ohmic resistance and charge-transfer resistance values.
Furthermore, transepithelial electrical resistance measurements are limited to the ohmic resistance and extraction of further electrical parameters such as the capacitance is not possible.
In this circuit, [R.sub.[OMEGA]] represents the ohmic resistance at high frequencies and can be expressed as the sum of contributions of the electrical conductivity of the membrane, the catalytic layer, the gas diffusion layer and the bipolar plates, such that the main contribution is from the SPEEK membrane, impregnated or not with the IL.
The improvement of MPG is mainly due to the low ohmic resistance at high temperature.
At the point where the maximum power has occurred ohmic resistance and electrode potential have reached their maximum size and due to this, after this stage, power density is reduced.
Ohmic resistance and mass transfer losses could be decreased using membrane-lessconfiguration that in fact makes it cost effective because membrane is the primary cost of plant microbial fuel cell.
Because the battery internal ohmic resistance changes greatly when the SOC is low and the changing has significant impact on SOC estimation, a new double sliding mode observer was designed to identify the internal ohmic resistance, and the model parameter was updated in real time, which improves the accuracy of battery model.
The first element in the circuit is a solution resistance ([R.sub.s]), which corresponds to the ohmic resistance of the system.
The circuitry is based on the linear polarization resistance method and it is integrated in a way that the data can be generated to calculate the Ohmic resistance of concrete and Tafel slopes required for calculating [I.sub.corr] more accurately.