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a unit of electrical resistance equal to the resistance between two points on a conductor when a potential difference of one volt between them produces a current of one ampere

German physicist who formulated Ohm's law (1787-1854)

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In battery working processes, the internal ohmic resistance is changing over time.
On the other hand, the current passing through the cathode was reduced depending upon increase of ohmic resistance of the cathode surface when higher (H/d) values were used.
The goal of this paper is to build a simulator, to be used as virtual lab for ohmic heating tests and for analyzing the influence of process parameters in locating the cold spot or areas during ohmic heating of solid-like foods, using a model developed and validated in a previous work 10].
In addition, the HFCC2 had lower cell impedance than the SRCC at 0.4 V; that is, the ohmic impedance was obviously lower.
Du, "Asymptotic behavior for an Ohmic heating model in thermal electricity," Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.
The ohmic conductivity (Table 2) is increased as would be expected if the filler were able to introduce mobile ions into the system.
It is thermodynamically stable, has low ohmic resistance, has a well-matched thermal expansion coefficient, and is chemically compatible with the remainder of the stack.
During his MS, his specialization included work on Ohmic heating of Vegetables, among the first works introducing the use of Ohmic Heating of vegetables like Carrots.
Conventional circuits with high ohmic components are increasingly sensitive to climatic disturbances due to small current leakages interpreted as signals when reaching the same current level.
A topic "I-V Current voltage characteristics for ohmic and non-ohmic conductors" is added in curriculum 2006 which is a logical change because it helps in drawing graphs for variable I-V to verify the characteristics of ohmic and non-ohmic substances.
Ohmic contacts are usually placed on the outer layers.
Opening chapters address fundamentals and new processes, including sterilization, pasteurization, aseptic processing of liquid foods containing solid particulates, ohmic and microwave heating, and high-pressure thermal processes.
With DC voltage and low frequency AC voltage, the choice depends on the ohmic resistance of the bearing.