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(folklore) a female ogre

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But whereas, in Basile's book, magical elements are not necessarily tied to violence--they are just as often beneficial, or even, in and of themselves, neutral; ogres, as in Basile's tale titled "Viola," can be harmless and even silly; and killings often lead to resurrections in a different form--in Garrone's film the presence of magic is ominous and portends violence and irrevocable destruction.
Moreover, Nedjma is the ogress, insatiable and resistant to appropriation by her various lovers, "Nedjma qu'aucun epoux ne pouvait apprivoiser, Nedjma l'ogresse au sang obscur comme celui du negre qui tua Si Mokhtar, l'ogresse qui mourut de faim apres avoir mange ses trois freres.
Or perhaps it would be more correct to say that the same tensions are created by the processes of subjectivation that strengthen the social research to push need for such investigation: a duty which springs from perception of anthropological change in pr ogress that involves the whole society, and that shows its first symptoms in the debate on "defacto couples", on artificial insemination, monitoring sexual orientations since beginning of the 2000s.
ople ouses h the nt to ogress from Don't call them NIMBYs, call them NIMFRSLs.
Most female characters use a normal sized breast plate, mulakkuralaram, but Kari ogress characters wear extremely pointed and exaggerated black breasts, mulamukku.
Beauvoir (1993) makes a similar remark regarding the presentation of the female characters in relation to the male that, Through her passivity she bestows peace and harmony but if she declines this role, she is seen forthwith as a praying mantis, an ogress.
JUDICIALR ULING Has not beenable to reproducethe brilliance ofh is first two performancesin subsequent outings but once again gutsed ito ut to ensurepr ogress.
However, despite this pi ogress, only 31 percent of 8th graders are proficient in reading and only 34 percent in math [The White House 2010].
Coover is definitely on home ground when peeling off face after face from virgin-mother, magician, witch, sorceress, prophetess, dragon, ogress, lover, and mother in one person.
Jenna Augen is delightful as Fairy Goody, Moyo Akande is a wonderfully evil ogress and Alex Clatworthy is a spirited Beauty.
A midshipman is usually allotted to take the part of the heroine in a cast, and if an ogress is wanted, a big, raw-boned fellow is selected, who must necessarily be clean shaven.
So I'll say Moyo Akande is fiendishly sinister yet delightfully silly as the ogress, and Jenna Augen makes a very feisty fairy.
Kawano, and Al Mamun, "Temperature and Molecular Weight Dependencies of Polymer Crystallization," in P, ogress in Understanding of Polymer Crystallization, G.
On being poked, the government guide, one of the dozens stationed inside the caves, reluctantly started mumbling how the two best-kept murals in 17 depict a prince's tussle with a maneating Lankan ogress and a king gliding through clouds with his train of apsaras and a band of musicians.