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front consisting of the conical head of a missile or rocket that protects the payload from heat during its passage through the atmosphere


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Additionally, Winchester's new Victory ammunition reproduces the same ogive profile as the original projectiles.
By combining a secant and tangent ogive, the new Berger Hybrid offers the lowest drag possible while maintaining the flexibility of a tangent hunting bullet, which means these loads are less fickle about seating depth.
These precision lathe-turned solid copper bullets are optimized with a VLD ogive design for extreme long-range accuracy.
The AccuBond's ogive is noticeably shorter than that of many 6.5mm target bullets, it still couldn't be seated near the lands and fit in the 2.84-inch magazine.
The dimensional ogive point distribution is then obtained by multiplying the nondimensional points in the ([xi], [eta]) frame in Figure 2 with [l.sub.ogive] and d.
These throaters are caliber specific with standard or custom bullet ogive configuration.
The number of mature females for each survey was estimated by multiplying the number of Argentine hake within each length class by the proportion of mature females estimated from the [L.sub.50] ogive obtained for each survey.
Seven chapters are: introduction; the ditransitive construction: previous studies; methodology: defining the object(s) of study; spoken style, written style,-->ditransitives in speech and in the written standard; object patterns in dialects of English: a regional and historical analysis; ogive it me!o,--pronominal ditransitives in English dialects; conclusion and outlook: ditransitives in British and American English dialects and beyond.
It has a rounded ogive so it will slide through lever guns reliably.
The final assembly stages of the spacecraft included installing Orion's Ogive panels, which protect the crew module from harsh acoustic and vibration environments during launch and ascent.
But he needs to be careful not to dip the bolt, ogive plunger, or sear in solvent.
Les Etats-Unis ont joue l'apaisement face a la Coree du Nord en reportant un essai de missile a ogive nucleaire avant une semaine a haut risque sur la peninsule coreenne oE Pyongyang a deploye deux missiles susceptibles d'atteindre le territoire americain dans le Pacifique.
McKeever, the author of two books - Give Me Shelter and Give Me Heroes - was working on a third book titled OGive Me 28 DaysO before his untimely death.
Externally, the Critical Duty FlexLock bullets are virtually identical in appearance to their Critical Defense FTX counterparts except for slight differences in the ogive profiles and an "H" molded into the end of the polymer tip.