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many times at short intervals

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Ofttimes in my father's house have I heard you glory in that you alone of the immortals saved the son of Saturn from ruin, when the others, with Juno, Neptune, and Pallas Minerva would have put him in bonds.
Because of this new feeling within him, he ofttimes elected discomfort and pain for the sake of his god.
Yet, as being ofttimes noxious where they light On man, beast, plant, wasteful and turbulent, Like turbulencies in the affairs of men, Over whose heads they roar, and seem to point, They oft fore-signify and threaten ill.
I ofttimes think bitterly, even yet, of that first life I took, but of this I am as glad as though I had slain a wild boar that laid waste a fair country.
Given the nature of their purpose, true hunting camps are sparse in what they offer--they are geared around getting by with a minimum of hassle--though ofttimes they provide a surprising degree of snug serenity.
This every one present may witness, and there are ofttimes more than 10,000 persons thus present.
It was (in that ofttimes overused but in this instance justified word) "historic.
How could they miss it, given the political drama, racial strife and ofttimes hateful conduct that marked some of these final stands?
After all, here was a playmate not unlike the sergeants who ofttimes played with me because there were few boys on post my age and their own children were often miles away.
Men and women who do not quite fit the socially approved pattern for gender encounter restrictions and sanctions in sometimes humorous, ofttimes painful ways, and these lessons teach them what behaviors are acceptable and which to avoid.
And while many of the films in Siggraph's Computer Animation festival were from Asia, ofttimes the animators themselves couldn't get there--especially student animators.
We ofttimes find that while some banks did make mistakes, if you follow the mortgages issues back, you find that those were unregulated mortgage brokers that helped perpetuate this.
That this riddle may have been told ofttimes to a highly-absorbent crew around a roaring fire surely added to its perplexity.
My observations and experiences regarding Internet mineral sales is that there is a common and ofttimes purposeful failure of dealers to accurately depict and describe a specimen's condition and damage.
Screenwriter, artist, and corporate America survivor Gary Clemenceau presents Banker's Holiday: A Novel of Fiscal Irregularity, an novel of intrigue that peers deep into the dry, ofttimes bleak world of workaholic financier C.