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many times at short intervals

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Each Book consists of twelve cantos (of from forty to ninety stanzas each) and oftentimes Spenser has difficulty in filling out the scheme.
Oftentimes, indeed, by the persistent loading of the dice against the villains and scapegoats, the reader's sympathy is half aroused in their behalf.
Oftentimes, when we had occasion to break out in the hold, and I beheld the successive tiers of casks and barrels, whose contents were all destined to be consumed in due course by the ship's company, my heart has sunk within me.
Oftentimes My wife and I will talk of this fair night And its great issues.
"Oftentimes very convenient, no doubt, but never pleasing.
That's because the differences are not that nuanced, and oftentimes subtle.
Oftentimes a first short story collection will feel like it was written over the course of years, some making way for the others--but Currin's collection avoids that, making it easy to read the stories straight through.
Oftentimes, there's a tendency to become defensive or worse, out of touch.
" Restlessness, according to the archbishop, can inject greater dynamism to the parishes that oftentimes favors the status quo more than the missionary passion.
However, our search for greatness oftentimes guides us in all the wrong places.
Oftentimes at the doctor's office, called "white coat syndrome," our blood pressure can be a bit higher than it usually is.
Commission on Audit (COA) Commissioner Heidi Mendoza will assume the post of United Nations (UN) undersecretary general on November 16 still hurting at the way Filipinos have "oftentimes" been suspicious of the sincerity of government men in carrying out the task of reforming public service.
"Finning" sharks (catching them, cutting off their fins, and then returning them to the water where oftentimes they die) is already illegal in the United States and in New York's coastal waters.
Oftentimes the church is so concerned about minutiae that the basic symbols of the liturgy suffer from the malady of minimalism, which is unfortunate.