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many times at short intervals

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The Government should also look at preventing schemes being used for automatic enrolment which ramp up management costs for people when they stop contributing to their pensions, perhaps because they have changed jobs, the OFT said.
The Energy Secretary said that the European Commission would lead an inquiry into te issue, and the OFT would help.
Instead, the TSI is insisting that all trace of the old logo - not to mention any reference to the OFT on stationery or other printed documentation - must be completely eradicated by the April 1 deadline.
Pre-printed value claims on packs must also be true, the OFT said.
The OFT believes that the sales to Stan James in each of these areas will ensure effective competition is restored in these areas.
The OFT was forced into embarrassing climb-downs by the CAT over its probe into price-fixing in tobacco and the collapse of a criminal trial related to its allegations of price-fixing by British Airways.
An OFT spokeswoman advised: "Take the time to think about what you are buying.
The OFT expects to make its final decision on whether to close the investigation later this year.
The study follows preliminary OFT research and concerns within the sector over how the market works.
The indepth probe could have the OFT refer the proposed merger to the Competition Commission, which would have the power to block the plans.
But the OFT said the UK pub sector is ''competitive overall'' and that there were ''insufficient grounds to justify further action''.
The OFT last week visited the UK premises of Mercedes-Benz in Milton Keynes as part of the probe.
It also wants improvements on the level of fees for unarranged overdrafts, but the OFT revealed that charges have already been coming down.
John Fingleton, chief executive of the OFT, attacked the company for fees that could be added when customers pay online.
The current guidance indicates that the OFT or regulator would focus on cases where a director was directly involved in breaching competition law.