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Synonyms for offsides

illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck


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And while offsides are a occupational hazard for lone frontmen, the 2.
Recommendation Sell offsides in Apoel v Real Madrid at 7.
They have two basic jobs: spotting if the whole of the ball goes over the touchline, and whether a player is in an offside position when the ball is passed him.
ATLANTA, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- US PRESSWIRE announced today a strategic partnership with Offside Sports Photography, one of Europe's leading sports photography agencies.
Ronaldo claimed Danish referee Claus Bo Larsen "did not have best night" and two crucial offside calls denied United goals.
At that point the ball had made it all the way to the bar, so nobody can be offsides.
Juan Pablo Garcia found the net twice in the second half, but linesman Andy Wienckowski flagged offside on the first, and referee Marcel Yonan failed to see the ball cross the goal line on the second.
Thanks mainly to an over-anxious Lomana LuaLua, United were caught offside 13 times at Molineux.
Referees' boss John Baker made it clear there has been no fundamental change in the offside law for this season as he said: 'Defenders can breathe easily again.
Look at all the trouble caused by the trap 60 years ago--it produced over 40 offsides a game.
CATCHING Spain offside is harder than getting possession back from the pass masters and it could be difficult for Germany to lay any defensive traps tonight's World Cup semi-final in Durban, writes Mark Langdon.
In each of the last three seasons, Chelsea have been responsible for almost 70 per cent of the offsides that have been awarded in their Premiership games, but Manchester United were responsible for just 55 per cent of those that were awarded in their games this season, and although the proportion has been higher in previous seasons it has only very rarely approached 70 per cent.
We've had two sendings off, penalties against us and offsides.
In his previous four starts and 11 appearances, George logged 252 minutes, but had more offsides (seven) than shots on goal.
In both the Champions League and Serie A, Roma's games have produced more offsides than those of most other teams, and for that reason it would be prudent not to sell total offsides this evening at 7.