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Synonyms for offside

(sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc

illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck


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It's just a question of holding yourself back, and a great example of that was the Millwall goal when Ruben Lameiras held his pass to Adam Armstrong who had run offside and then re-adjusted.
The Premier League statement used stills from the match to illustrate the point and underneath it said: "Expected outcome: Offside offence.
The defending team should now be satisfied as to which players are in an offside position and will no longer have to quickly interpret the active/ inactive scenario which has persisted for a number of years.
BOOKED 4 SENTOFF 0 ONTARGET 3 OFF TARGET 8 HIT W/WORK 0 CORNERS 8 OFFSIDE 3 FOULS 12 ATTENDANCE: 30,413 ABERDEEN 2 Aberdeen: Langfield, Logan, Anderson, Reynolds, Considine, McGinn (Shaughnessy 90), Flood, Robson, Hayes, Pawlett (Vernon 77), Rooney.
The linesman has got to flag - he (Barry) is a yard offside and he touches it, I am 100 per cent certain of it and he runs away like he's touched it.
Both goals are clearly offside and that's really disappointing.
I have been told it was given for offside, and it wasn't offside," said O'Neill.
He said: "I'm a football fan, I followed the Premier League since its inception and if I had 50p for every time someone had asked me to explain the offside rule I'd be a very rich man.
Wolfson is hoping that people who usually find the offside rule tough to understand will find these coins useful, The Telegraph reports.
The decisive score came on 56 minutes, when Nuns were pegged back almost on their own line, and once again strayed offside, allowing Boardley to slot over what proved to be the winning penalty.
If a player who is offside has any interference with the ball, or causes an obstruction to the defender, then you can give the offside.
CHANGES to the offside law are needed to make it simpler to understand, a Fifa task force announced yesterday.
Louis Saha had put the visitors ahead on 24 minutes when he slotted home, despite being offside.
The Steelmen thought they had levelled after dominating the second half- only for Steven Saunders to be flagged offside after putting the ball in the net.
CAIRO: Zamalek striker Ahmed Gaafar is not worried much about his dubious goal against Ismaili despite admitting he was in an offside position.