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Synonyms for offshore

(of winds) coming from the land

at some distance from the shore

Related Words

away from shore


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The report analyzes the offshore wind power cables market and includes the demand and market size of export and inter-array cables for offshore wind farm.
To hear Sapp tell it, the writing was on the wall, "Taking into consideration the post dot-corn technology boom and the resulting corporate outsourcing fallout, it simply made sense to take my career offshore, and OfficeTiger afforded me the opportunity to do so," says Sapp, Sapp says his story shows that African Americans should not retreat from global trends.
He supplies a history of the Cayman Islands, an account of at least 10 different scandals, an introduction to the state of Delaware, an update on efforts by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to tame offshore havens, and a history of philosophy from Rousseau to Kant to Marx.
Moreover, depending on the organization sending the work offshore, such breaches could be considered an act of cyber-terrorism and undermine national security.
In this market scenario, the offshore provider who just delivers low value transaction outsourcing will not be able to compete.
The May 17 report explained the complexity of drafting effective legislation when there are so many techniques for going offshore.
based outsourcing vendor with offshore resources available via their Bombay, India-based parent company.
The Russian scams are a window onto the seedy world of offshore banking.
banks in the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, the two offshore centers where U.
It will be the first UK offshore wind farm to be built outside territorial waters and will provide green electricity for more than 415,000 homes equivalent to the domestic demand of Suffolk.
The UK's offshore wind power has expanded at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 42.
The growing demand for energy, coupled with increasing investment in offshore exploration activities, will drive the global offshore drilling market to $121.
Teekay Offshore Partners' common units trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "TOO".
Offshore Wind Turbines and Foundations - Global Market Size, Market Share, Regulations and Key Country Analysis to 2020 Summary GlobalData's latest report, "Offshore Wind Turbines and Foundations - Global Market Size, Market Share, Regulations and Key Country Analysis to 2020" provides detailed information on the current Offshore Wind Turbine and Foundations market, focusing on key countries as well as the global scenario.