offset printing

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a plate makes an inked impression on a rubber-blanketed cylinder, which in turn transfers it to the paper

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8-colour offset printing press processes 18,000 sheets per hour
At the Maastricht site, BASF currently produces offset printing inks and pigment preparations for the plastics industry.
Tolmie, a 45-year veteran in the imaging industry, explains the digital offset printing process in layman's terms: "Liquid ink is filled into a drum, which transfers the ink onto media in the form of an image.
Understanding that it was not cost or time efficient to print these pieces on its existing digital toner press, Catawba selected the Presstek 52DI because it eliminated the complexity, training and space requirements associated with conventional offset printing and offline platemaking.
Laser, inkjet, offset printing, etching, pin-marking and stamping machines and systems are long-lasting, user-friendly and reliable.
In addition, the absence of traditional offset printing set-up costs are driving greater cost savings.
In 2006, Trelleborg AB purchased Reeves Brothers, which was their entry into the Offset Printing Blankets business.
We are particularly pleased that the Gallus RCS 430 allows us to change offset printing plates in the press.
Triflex Productions have announced that they have purchased a new Drent Goebel VSOP offset printing press.
Oliver Rudolph of Voith Paper reported on a commercial scale trial making coated freesheet offset printing paper.
Toppan's ink jet printer incorporates UV curing technology to solve a common ink jet issue, which is to produce print quality equal to offset printing that is also water resistant.
Generators on the roof protect the building's power supply, and workers are experts in offset printing.
The innovative SQUAREspot(TM) Imaging Technology for Digital Offset Printing (DOP) presses developed by CreoScitex, a division of Creo Products Inc.
EarthColor will continue to focus on high-end commercial printing, and Kashan predicts the company's digital color print volume will grow, while complementing its established offset printing business.
Base stock can either approach a newsprint furnish or include higher levels of filler while maintaining the internal bond strength required for offset printing.