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a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication

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Industrial producers are aiming to re-engineer their end-to-end processes, shifting from production maximization to a life-cycle material approach that minimizes the environmental offprint, adding value to products through usability.
Rene Wellek's chapter "Coleridge's Philosophy and Criticism (10 1956)," in The English Romantic Poets: A Review of Research and Criticism (1972), seems to have annoyed Barfield if the offprint amongst his books is a guide.
I am indebted to Gvozden Eror for providing me with the offprint of his article.
It actually appeared in The Hollins Critic in October 1970; my offprint is signed by the author who was an early admirer of the young Heaney.
Offprint of a paper presented at the International Conference of Social Work, Toronto.
It then appeared as a separate offprint, with new pagination and in 1977 it appeared again in a limited edition of 150 copies published by Sir John's grandson John, in a handsome green binding stamped with a gold thistle, within a green slip-case.
394-396; in offprint as Survey of Church Union Negotiations 1999-2002, Geneva, 2002, pp.
He authored Slavic Area-Studies Serials on Standing Order at Indiana University, 1994, July (Bloomington: Indiana University Library, Slavic Office, 1994), and with the help of Gregory Keller and Carlton Stokes, Polish Literature in Translation, 1976-1996: A Guide to Monographic Works Housed in Indiana University's Main Library (Bloomington: Indiana University, 1998), which was an offprint of Indiana Slavic Studies, volume 9, 1998.
By citing a rare offprint version of this report, rather than referring to its original place of publication in the Legislative Journal Appendices, Poole inadvertently obscured important information about the Canadian survey's early work; most of the geological literature in the last hundred years (even the Georef database) reference the section using Poole's misleading citation.
See also the reset offprint Two Papers read by Sir Redmond Barry, at the Conference of Librarians, held at the London Institution, October, 1877: On Binding, and on Lending Libraries, London, G.
36) Antonio Ferrao, 'O segundo Duque de Lafoes e o Marques de Pombal (subsidios para a biografia do fundador da Academia das Ciencias)', offprint from Boletim da Segunda Classe, 19 (1935), 174.
Compare also the study by Georges Cottier, "Le concept de nature chez saint Thomas," offprint from Collana "Dialogo di filosofia," n.
18, and The World in 2000, a special offprint from the offices of The Economist, 1999, p.
Cherpack, an offprint of which was presented to me as a graduate student in 1979, with the inscription, "It is always a pleasure to greet a prospective member of the 'I-Can't-Believe-I-Read-the-Whole-Astree Club.
Penya's poems have been previously included in the anthology Les hores del gaudi (The Hours of Pleasure; 1995); in Pucol, an offprint of "Quaders de Rafalell" of the literary journal L'Aljamia (1996); and in El plaer d'omplir el temps (The Pleasure of Filling Time; 1997; winner of the 1996 Pere Badia Prize).