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Synonyms for offish

Synonyms for offish

lacking cordiality


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Speaking offish marks, if your depthsounder shows cartoon caricature fish symbols, you'll be far better served by turning that option "off" and learning to interpret the actual data from the screen.
Oestrogen chemicals in the contraceptive pill, toiletries and other products are acting together in UK waterways altering the reproductive processes offish to a far greater extent than previously thought.
She just dropped the kids off and left and she's been very offish since.
Imagine that although the river has a great variety offish you are hungry.
Valentinus, prime Gnostic theologian and founder of his own sect--never a mark of humility, was a different kettle offish, being in my opinion overrated both by his ancient critics (notably Tertullian, Against the Valentinians 4) and modern scholars such as Karen King (Encyclopedia of Early Christianity), "magnificent and eloquent .
Such information is essential for identifying which critical marine habitats should be set aside to protect the estimated 70 to 80 percent offish populations whose stocks have been overfished or whose habitats have been disrupted by humans.
Protect the relatively natural habitats offish, wildlife or plants.
According to the Food and Drug Administration, the term caviar is only applicable to the eggs, or roe, extracted from the sturgeon species offish and prepared by a special salting method.
Pronaca sells the bulk of its production in Ecuador, it yet ships abroad 35% of Ecuador's tilapia, a type offish, and 8% of the country's shrimp exports.
Unless human consumption offish is limited, say the activists, pregnant women could be endangering their unborn babies and mothers could be harming their children's developing nervous systems.
In addition to a rich natural supply of cod, herring, mackerel, and salmon, Norway has thousands offish farms.
Moreover, consumers should not be scared away from eating seafood, but should instead be wary offish with elevated mercury concentrations, particularly large predatory species.
Herein lies the caveat for the reason behind the creation of Glofish--a new breed of so-called glow-in-the-dark pets-and a nexus in the coevolution offish and humans.
More than 23 million pounds offish are processed annually at the Fish Pier in Boston, which is considered the processing and distribution center of a multi-billion dollar seafood industry in New England.