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aggressiveness as evidenced by intruding

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THERE'S an acceptably wide line between possessing a reasonable knowledge of the rules and a level of officiousness bordering on bowler-hatted bureaucracy.
No doubt there are dynamic people working in local authorities across Scotland, but rightly or wrongly the public perception is of drab institutions hobbled by bureaucracy, officiousness and a lack of imagination.
Meantime the living generations have signalized their successive occupation of the globe, by waking within it the fierce voices of Discord, Agony, and Revenge, by staining with blood its laughing fields, by cursing with malevolent passions its human abodes, and helping on, with ready officiousness, the carnage of Nature.
Bingley's] ease and cheerfulness rendered him a most agreeable addition to their evening party; and he bore with the ill-judged officiousness of the mother, and heard all her silly remarks with a forbearance and command of countenance, particularly grateful to the daughter" (Pride and Prejudice [New York: Barnes & Noble, 1993], 250).
Otherwise, we accept the surliness and indifference on the one hand, and the pushiness and officiousness on the other, as part of the rough-and-tumble of being a customer and consumer of services.
Let's hope the officiousness is out of their system - they are on duty tomorrow.
This underscores the absurdity of officiousness that tries to apply official, bureaucratic procedure to examine a dog's behavior and brings out the contradictions in their power structure.
Rather, medical men institutionalised the industry, and with the ensuing officiousness came the appearance that conditions had improved.
It is indefensible that farmers are publicly humiliated by their officiousness and abysmal judgement.
He found the right balance of officiousness and lyric authority, creating a fine, if ineffective, foil to the suave Belmonte.
Surely, the Transportation Security Administration could be somewhat better at its job; the procedures, and the people involved, could be just as thorough without the officiousness.
officiousness, anger, indiscretion--all inherent in, but not all there is to, the nature of zeal" (emphasis mine 310).
He harbors a consuming "love of money" (Godwin 1960, 311) and, in contrast to Falkland's magnanimous spirit and Forester's principled integrity, "a charitable officiousness of demeanour" (311).
In the last century and in recent years, the healthcare environment in this country seemed to descend into an abyss of officiousness and impersonality, lacking the human warmth and caring that should be integral to the delivery of healthcare.
A big-hearted loser, Blart spends his days roaming the shopping centre's aisles on a Segway while annoying everyone with his infuriating mix of ineptitude and officiousness.