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Synonyms for officiate

Synonyms for officiate

to perform the duties of another

Synonyms for officiate

act in an official capacity in a ceremony or religious ritual, such as a wedding

perform duties attached to a particular office or place or function


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There also are first- and second-grade games going on, but no score is kept in those games and parents volunteer to officiate them.
I am emboldened by the knowledge that even clergy that approve of same-sex relationships are so often afraid to officiate these services.
During this visit, Mahmood will also evaluate a number of recently-appointed international referees from the UAE who will officiate the Dhofar vs Kazma match.
Although no official announcement has been made yet, Church of England officials are believed to have been told that Swansea-born Dr Williams will officiate.
Dave said: "It is a tremendous honour to be selected to officiate at a second Commonwealth Games.
AaAaAa Algerian Mohamed Bichari will officiate this game, which will take place in Sousse.
I was able to officiate in junior matches and moved on to English National League and English Premier League "Now I'm at Elite League level for the first time and it's gone well so far.
DALLAS * The United Methodist church's highest court has ruled that clergy may not officiate at same-sex unions, even in states where such marriages are legal.
It's the referees that enforce the roles and make the games they officiate fairly played with respect to who wins or loses.
A company owned by Mark Clattenburg, at 29 the youngest to officiate in the Premier League, has been wound up by a court over a reportedly unpaid pounds 60,000 debt to a former friend.
Many games were canceled or officiated by just one referee instead of the two that typically officiate lacrosse games.
We actually had never seen him officiate, but we heard much about him.
And since California state legislators are empowered to perform marriages, they asked me to officiate.
The British Columbia government is requiring the resignation, by the end of March 2004, of all marriage commissioners in our province who are unwilling to officiate at same-sex "marriages.
Augustine, Florida rescinded an invitation made to Florida's Episcopal diocese to hold the consecration of its new bishop at a Catholic church because the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold, who was scheduled to officiate at the ceremony, made a statement in support of the confirmation of the homosexual bishop.