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a clergyman who officiates at a religious ceremony or service

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The number of marriage officiants in Riyadh reached 1,914, which is the highest in the Kingdom, followed by 1,441 in Makkah, 1,106 in Asir, 490 in the Eastern Province and 53 in the northern border region.
Unlawful solemnization of marriage, whether it be an unauthorized officiant or someone who "procures a person to solemnize a marriage knowing he is not lawfully authorized to solemnize the marriage" [section 294(b)] is a crime punishable by imprisonment for up to two years.
I don't know how the Archbishop sees the event in retrospect, for despite the mellifluous voices of elderly male officiants, the liturgy presented concerns.
These facts eloquently describe the real nature of the ritual: it is part of the tutelary spirit cult of Chiang Mai as a traditional city state, and the mediums play a pivotal role as ritual officiants.
But we have all 24 officiants in place for the opening weekend of fixtures.
Nor did they examine whether, in a religious ceremony, the wedding officiants were of the same or different religions, or whether a photograph was published showing the bride alone or with the groom.
Reiss, who calls himself an "intactivist," maintains a roster of 50 officiants who conduct nonsurgical alternatives to the brit, traditionally performed on the eighth day after a boy's birth.
Although Garber and Knight are colleagues, the former may be less than enthusiastic about the latter's use of "Holocaust" in his title, for the term connotes a solemn religious sacrifice and, when applied in its precise meaning, Garber asserts, shockingly makes "the Nazi murderers priestly officiants of divine propitiation" (p.
Subsequent chapters deal with prenuptial parties, prioritizing, the bridal party, registering, officiants, ceremony traditions and customs and a reception blueprint.
As leader of a church several of whose officiants have systematically abused their position of authority in recent years, he should know.
Focus groups convened in western Canada and a national online survey found agreement that humanism represents a distinct philosophy and humanist officiants should not be compelled to conduct ceremonies that are not in accord with that philosophy.
com)-- This is to announce the happy news that the Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants which is a local Wedding Officiant Service in Sioux Falls, SD, were recently awarded with the prestigious Couples' Choice Award for the year 2015.
Hurley didn't expect any difficulties since clerics from a wide range of faiths are registered to serve as wedding officiants.