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make official


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28) This change constituted a defacto acquiescence to farmers' movement into cities, so theoretically the constitutional revision in 2004 would have provided an opportunity for the government to officialize the policy revision.
One was to vigorously resist any attempt to valorize or officialize Tan'gun--an attitude characteristic of the total replacement model, an attitude that became conspicuous in the latter half of the twentieth century, with evangelicals up in arms against efforts to place Tan'gun images in public spaces.
Mubarak last week said he would not reopen Rafah because he did not want to officialize the rift between the Palestinian Authority (PA) of President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas.
Eventually, Iran and Kurdistan agreed to officialize the Hajji Omaran border gate.
Notwithstanding the potentially insidious political and ethical implications of gathering or applying such statistics, and regardless of how paradoxical such measurements may seem (because they appear to officialize the unofficial), they are likely to provide a more robust measure of at least occupational, if not income polarisation/inequality.